Chris Heria Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Full Name, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On January 3rd, 2022

Chris Heria is a famous fitness trainer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media personality based in America. His YouTube channel THENX currently has more than 6 million subscribers.

Chris Heria's Net Worth

As of 2024, Chris Heria's net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Net Worth$8 million
Given NameChristian Heria
Famous NameChris Heria
Source(s) of FamePersonal Trainer, Personality, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Date of BirthDecember 21, 1991
Place of BirthMiami, Florida, USA
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Early Life

Cristian Heria was born on 21 December 1991 in Miami, Florida, the United States, and also spent his childhood and adulthood years there. He completed his graduation from St. Brendan High School, Miami, Florida, in 2008, and he always wished to become an athlete.

Since his early years, he was interested in the fitness industry, and he had six-pack abs when he was just seven to eight years old.

Chris does not reveal much about his parents and childhood years. But his younger brother Stefan Heria is also a part of the fitness industry and works as a Calisthenic Fitness Instructor.


It is known that Chris was interested in the fitness industry since his early years and used to enjoy workouts even in his teen years. To make his ideas work and earn him fame and money, Chris decided to start a YouTube channel. On 5 February 2013, Chris launched a YouTube channel named OFFICIAL THENX (which later became THENX). On this channel, Chris only shared fitness-related videos. The channel grew slowly initially but got a lot of subscribers after a few years.

Chris did not keep THENX as merely a YouTube channel but started to expand it in several ways. First, he has launched various paid plans that give willing people access to workout guides, libraries, and training programs. Secondly, Chris launched apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. He also has an official store to buy fitness-related products and gadgets.

Not just THENX, but Chris also has his personal YouTube channel, where he started uploading videos in October 2017. He shares vlogs and workout videos on this channel, and it has also gained a lot of subscribers and views worldwide.

Personal Life

Chris looks after a son as a single father. The son is named Zen and was born in 2011. It is unknown whether Chris had a wife or not and who is the mother of Zen. But Chris is not dating any girl currently and wishes to focus on his career as a fitness trainer.

Social Media

Starting his career as a YouTuber, Chris Heria became very popular with his fitness and workout videos on YouTube. He currently has about 3.56M subscribers on YouTube and 1.4M followers on Instagram.


Chris Heria started his career by posting exercise videos on his YouTube channel. People gradually started to follow him, and now he has a net worth of about $8 million.