Pamaj Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Real Name, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On December 12th, 2021

Pamaj is a professional Canadian gamer and Vlogger. Pamaj left the OpTic Gaming team to join the Fa Ze group.

Due to tons of informative and captivating gaming videos, Pamaj has many followers. Further, Pamaj’s fame comes from the famous “Call of Duty” game.

Pamaj's Net Worth

As of 2024, Pamaj's net worth is estimated to be $750,000.

Net Worth$750,000
Given NameAustin Pamejewon
Famous NamePamaj
Source(s) of FameGamer, Streamer, YouTuber
Date of BirthMarch 7, 1996
Place of BirthOntario, Canada
RelationshipsSingle, ,
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Early Life

Pamaj was born on 7th March 1996 in Canada. Pamaj’s real name is Austin Pamajewon. Some people refer to Pamaj as “Op Tic Pamaj”. But others refer to him as “FaZe Pamaj.”

Still, “OpTic Pamaj” and “FaZe Pamaj” refer to the same person. That’s because Pamaj has worked with “OpTic Gaming” and “FaZe Clan.” Thus, people use the names while referring to the same person.

Pamaj attended his high school education in Parry sound. Besides, Pamaj has a deep connection with his ancestors. Indeed, Pamaj’s grandmother gave him the name “Pamajewon.”

The name means “Northern Lights.” Afterward, Pamaj included the “Northern Lights” on his YouTube channel’s logo. Pamaj’s decision to use it shows the love Pamaj has for his people, the “Anishinaabe community.”


Pamaj displayed a burning interest in gaming since childhood. During summer, Pamaj would play video games instead of playing outside.

Later, Pamaj discovered that fellow gamers were sharing their gaming adventures on YouTube. So, Pamaj started researching about the uploading of gaming videos on YouTube.

But, Pamaj had a problem. He didn’t have a suitable device to record and edit his gameplay. And, the only solution to that was approaching his mom and asking for help.

What’s more, Pamaj’s mother didn’t believe gaming was profitable. Thus, she could hear none of the ideas. Later, Pamaj’s elder brother came in handy and helped Pamaj convince their mother.

Nonetheless, Pamaj did the recording, added commentary, and edited his first gaming video. Finally, in October 2010, he uploaded his introductory video on YouTube. But, again, the video only lasted for 11 seconds.

Pamaj worked on his video editing skills. He then released high-quality videos with time. Pamaj’s video’s primary focus is on the “Call of Duty” game. Yet, Pamaj also plays “Fortnite.”

At the beginning of his gaming career, Pamaj worked with the “FaZe Clan.” But, Pamaj later left the group and joined “OpTic Gaming” till 2018. He then went again and rejoined “Faze Clan.”

Personal life

Pamaj lives in Schaumburg, Illinois, in the United States. Further, Pamaj shares a deep love for pets. Thus, Pamaj owns two lovely pet dogs called “Princess Leia” and “Daisy.”

Also, Pamaj is 1.93 meters tall. His hair is black, while his eyes are brown. But, details on his weight are unknown.

Furthermore, Pamaj is single and hasn’t revealed if he plans on dating. More, Pamaj doesn’t have any children. But, again, Pamaj maintains a close relationship with his family.

Besides, the details of his parents aren’t known. What’s known is that Pamaj adores his family lineage.

So, Pamaj uses different components from his community. Those components include “Northern Lights,” which he’s used in creating his identity.

Social Media

Social Media plays a critical role in growing Pamaj’s career. Hence, Pamaj is active across different social media platforms.

Pamaj’s Facebook page has 218 thousand followers. Again, his Instagram account has 767 thousand followers. Also, Pamaj has 1.2 Million followers on his Twitter page.

More, Pamaj’s YouTube channel has 3.25 million subscribers.


Pamaj turned his gaming hobby into a profitable career. So, Pamaj has grabbed his slot in the gaming world.

Pamaj’s life is what millions of gamers worldwide desire. As a result, Pamaj’s following is big across social media platforms.

In 2021, Pamaj’s net worth is 750,000 dollars.

Pamaj has sometimes been associated with other Video Game Streamers such as ChicaLive, and IWillDominate, IWDominate.