Amy Eshleman Net Worth (2024): Height, Bio

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Chicago’s first lady, Amy Eshleman, is Lori Lightfoot’s wife, the 56th mayor of Chicago. Amy belongs to Sterling, Illinois, and moved to Chicago in 1991. She was a former employee in the Chicago Public Library. After getting married to Lori, she has been a full-time mother to their adopted daughter, Vivian. Together they make the first couple the mayor and first lady, with an open LGBT relationship in America.

Amy Eshleman's Net Worth

As of 2024, Amy Eshleman's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Famous NameAmy Eshleman
Source(s) of FameChicago First Lady, Wife of Lori Lightfoot
Place of BirthUSA
RelationshipsMarried, Lori Lightfoot,
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Early Life

Amy Eshleman acquired her early education at Sterling High School. She was good at studies and played tennis and basketball as an athlete. She had also been a part of the first girls’ basketball state champion team in 1977.

She graduated in 1980 and later went to Miami University of Ohio for a Bachelor’s degree in history. According to Sterling Schools Foundation Website, Amy has worked on congressional staff twice from 1984-88.


Before being the first lady, Amy Eshleman worked in the Chicago Public library as Assistant Commissioner during the tenure of Mary A. Dempsey, as Commissioner of the Chicago Public Library, from 1994-2012.

In 2009, she developed a digital media center named YOUmedia at the Chicago Public Library’s Harold Washington branch. This media center was a learning platform for teens, which was hugely successful. The then President of the US, Barak Obama, praised her initiative with encouraging words. Amy then took many such steps and helped develop similar institutes nationwide.

In her election campaign, Amy Eshleman has always been the right hand of her wife, Lori. She walked side by side to Lori in the 49th annual Pride Parade in June 2018. She is an ambassador of freedom, non-judgmentalism, and openness.

Her net worth is yet to be revealed, but her wife, Lori Lightfoot, is one of the wealthiest politicians in the United States. Lori’s net worth is about $1.5 million.

Personal Life

Amy’s wife, Lori Lightfoot, is the first elected open lesbian mayor of any state in the United States. They have been each other’s soulmates for 18 years. The duo officially got married in 2014, the same day when gay marriages were declared legal in Illinois. When asked about their marriage, Amy says that it was the most profound and humble experience.

The couple shares an adopted daughter, Vivian Lightfoot, in her teens. Not much information is available about her adoption period on the internet. According to some wiki sources, she was adopted by her parents in her early childhood days.

Amy resides in Logan Square with her wife and daughter. The trio seems to be living a happy life together.

Social Media

Amy Eshleman is a public figure, hence is substantially active on Instagram and Twitter. Her posts and tweets are prominently about her political activities. At present, she has 4K followers on Twitter. Her Instagram account has the name “thechifirstlady,” whose following has crossed the figure of 6K.


Amy Eshleman was a former employee in the Chicago Public Library. She became the first lady of Chicago on May 20, 2019, when her wife, Lori Lightfoot, was sworn in as the city’s mayor. They are the first open, same-sex couple in power in America. Amy is living in Logan Square with her wife and adopted daughter. Her net worth is under review yet.

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