Dr. John Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Full Name, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On December 29th, 2021

Dr. John is a six-time Grammy winning American songwriter.. He is a true icon in American culture. He has added his unique style to the music by twisting the old traditional music into new forms.

Dr. John's Net Worth

As of 2024, Dr. John's net worth is estimated to be $17 million.

Net Worth$17 million
Given NameMalcolm John Rebennack
Famous NameDr. John
Source(s) of FameSinger, Song Writer
Date of BirthNovember 21, 1940
Place of BirthNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Age At Death78
Date of DeathJune 6, 2019
Cause of DeathHeart Attack
RelationshipsDivorced, Lydia Crow, Divorced 1995Married, Cat Yellen,
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Early Life

Dr. John was born on November 21, 1940, in New Orleans, LA. He got exposed to music by working in his father’s music store. He used to spend most of his time in the store playing around with musical instruments. Moreover, he entered the show business at a young age as his mother was a fashion model. He used to go to local clubs to repair old music systems. During one of his trips, he met Professor Longhair whose music inspired him in a lot of ways. They ended up developing a close relationship. Dr. John also referred to the Professor as his father figure later in his life.


Dr. John began his career in 1950 when he played guitar on one of the greatest recordings including Professor Longhair, Frankie Ford, Joe Tex, Art Neville, and many more. In the 1960s, he went to the west where he continued giving services as a session musician. At that time, he decided to make his career individually. He introduced to the world the unique blend of music. He created a charismatic persona as well that helped him get a lot of fans and followers. His breakthrough album ‘Gris-Gris’ was released in 1968. His career highlights include the albums ‘Sun, Moon, and Herbs’ and ‘In the Right Place’. He also conducted a lot of fund-raising concerts and events. In 2007, he was admitted to the Blues Hall of Fame and Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. The next year, he released ‘City That Care Forgot’ that made him win a Grammy Award for the Best Contemporary Blue Albums. He received another Grammy award for the album ‘Locked down’. He released a lot of other albums and received awards for them. He created music for more than a century and continued to write, produce, interpret, and arrange music with the same level of passion.

Personal Life 

Dr. John was married to Lydia Crow, however, the marriage ended in 1995. He had a daughter with Lydia named Karla. Moreover, he also had another wife Lorraine Sherman with whom he had two daughters named Jennifer and Tara. Among his wives, another known name is Cat Yellen who was probably his wife till death. In 2019, he died of a heart attack. And his family requested the media to take their privacy into account at this time. However, it can be assumed that he lived a successful professional life. As far as his personal life is concerned, there is only limited information available on the internet. So, it is not possible to find the missing pieces of the puzzle to have a clear idea about his personal life.

Social Media

Dr. John is a true legend that didn’t need any support or help from social media to enjoy his stardom. Even after his death, some of his social media handles are working. He has 1,129,532 monthly listeners on Spotify, but, indeed, he never felt the need for social media or the digital world to get the love from his fans. His work was exemplary and is going to be remembered for centuries.


Sadly, Dr. John died of a heart attack on June 6 in 2019 in New Orleans. Celebrities over the world took to social media to share their condolences and memories.


Dr. John is a renowned American songwriter who worked for the music industry for more than half of the century. He introduced unique styles and blends of music that people still remember even after his death.

Dr. John has sometimes been associated with other Rappers such as J.I., Yung Miami, Lil TJay, Young Nuddy, 24KGoldn, Wyclef Jean, YNW BSlime, 42 Dugg, and Jaycee Shakur.