Wayne Rooney Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On December 5th, 2021

Wayne Rooney is a professional football manager of the EFL Championship club Derby County. He had a passion and love for football since his childhood. He has invested so much time in his playing career to move it forward. He is considered to be one of the finest players of his generation. He spent his playing career for Everton, England, and Manchester United. He was one of the world’s most popular football players and has given the title of ‘England Player of the Year’ four times.

Wayne Rooney's Net Worth

As of 2024, Wayne Rooney's net worth is estimated to be $145 million.

Net Worth$145 million
Given NameWayne Mark Rooney
Famous NameWayne Rooney
Source(s) of FameSoccer Player, Soccer Manager
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1985
Place of BirthCroxteth, England
RelationshipsSingle, ,
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Early Life

Wayne Rooney was born on the 24th of October, 1985 in England. His parents’ names are Thoman Wayne Rooney and Jeanette Rooney. He has two younger brothers. Talking about his education, he attended Our Lady and St Swithin’s primary school and later went to ‘The De La Salle Academy.’ He also proceeded to De La Salle Humanities college where his love for football grew further. His brother also followed in his footsteps as he led a good example for them. During his childhood, he became a supporter of the local club ‘Everton’. He was never separated from football from his childhood. His passion for football was noticed by school authorities in the first place. He even got suspended from his school for kicking at the science lab as his football team had been seized. Even after the suspension, he didn’t give up on football.

Career Highlights

Wayne Rooney made his professional debut with his local club Everton at the age of 16 and became the youngest goalscorer in Premier League history. However, this record has been surpassed now. He played for Everton for two years and then signed the contract with Manchester United in 2004. His career with ‘Manchester United’ went to the next level as he scored an unforgettable hat-trick against ‘Fenerbahce’ in the ‘Champions League. He played in 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018 ‘World Cups’ for his national team. He also became “MSL player of the year” with his amazing performance. In 2021, he retired as a competitive player and became the manager of ‘Derby County’.

Rooney’s Earnings Exposed in 2008 Court Battle

Manchester Untied footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen are said to be furious that their earnings were exposed in a bitter legal battle with sports agency Proactive. The company claims the Rooney’s owe them two months commission as well as £19,000 for an unpaid credit card bill Wayne ran up on his stag party earlier in the year.

So do you want to know how much Coleen gets paid for her column in OK! magazine and what Wayne takes home each year for being sponsored by Nike? Silly question, of course you do.

Wayne Rooney

£90,000 weekly wage from Manchester United

£760,000 payment for image rights every 6 months

£1,000,000 yearly wage from Nike sponsorship

£118,689.57 twice-yearly fee from computer games firm EA Games

£600,000 four-year contract with Coca-Cola

£3.55m 12-year book deal

Coleen Rooney

£41,667 a month for OK! magazine coloumn

£13,000 per episode for Coleen’s Real Women

£5,000 a month for Closer magazine coloumn

£283,334 eight-book publishing advance

£50,000 royalties from first two books

Personal Life

Wayne Rooney has a physical resemblance with his father and he stayed closest to his eldest brother during the growing up years of his life. He got married to his high school girlfriend Coleen. They have four sons named Klay Anthony, Kai Wayne, Cass Mac Rooney, and Kit Joseph.

Hair Transplant

When we first heard reports that Wayne Rooney had spent thousands of pounds on a hair transplant we couldn’t really believe it. We even thought the footballer was pulling our leg when he confirmed the news on Twitter. But low and behold it turned out to be 100% true.

Who Is Kai Wayne Named After?

Less than 24-hours after she gave birth, a proud and glowing-looking Coleen Rooney left Liverpool’s Women’s hospital and headed home with her husband Wayne and their little baby boy Kai.

Since the birth of their son, many people have been speculating about how the couple came up with the name Kai.

Although the name has various meanings in different languages one suggestion has been that the pair decided to call their son Kai after a character from the computer game Mortal Kombat which Wayne is said to be a big fan of.

Or of course they could’ve named him after Kerry Katona’s dog who’s also called Kai, but hey who knows…

Rooney’s Affair Speculation

There were speculations about his affair with a prostitute due to which his married life suffered. However, the couple reconciled later and started living happily with their children. Helen Wood also claimed that Wayne Rooney has paid her for the threesome. His wife was five months pregnant by that time. It was being said that his lawyers have fought back to prove the allegations wrong. Wayne also expressed that he has a passion for writing poetry for his wife.

In 2011, Rooney was quoted speaking out against the London Riots. “These riots are nuts why would people do this to their own country. Own city. This is embarrassing for our country. Stop please.” said Mr. Rooney.

Social Media

Wayne Rooney is active on many social media platforms. He has 15.3 million followers on Instagram. However, he believes that social media is both good and bad in its way. If people use social media accounts in the right way, it can help young players.


Wayne Rooney is a well-known football player that has had an intense passion for football since his childhood. However, his personal life has been quite controversial due to which he received a lot of criticism from the public as well. He is now active on social media and keeps updating his fans about what is going on in his life.