George Sampson Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Full Name, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On January 4th, 2022

George Sampson is famous for his street-style dancing. He is an English dancer and actor who was the winner of the second series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2008. Not only does he dance well, but George is also an actor, singer, and TV host. He has appeared in various TV serials, two films, and a DVD.

George Sampson's Net Worth

As of 2024, George Sampson's net worth is estimated to be $1,000,000.

Net Worth$1,000,000
Given NameGeorge William Sampson
Famous NameGeorge Sampson
Source(s) of FameDancer
Date of BirthJune 29, 1993
Place of BirthWarrington, Cheshire, England
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Early Life

George was very young when he started to learn dancing. Not much data is available on the internet regarding his early education. He has always been a dance freak and adopted street-style dancing to practice.

When he was only 13, he went for dance auditions in Britain’s Got Talent, where he performed at Timbaland’s “Drop.” George was exceptionally successful in impressing judge Simon Cowell, but the other two judges were not convinced. George was eliminated from the show and could not make it to the semi-finals. But he was determined to come back next year, next season, with extreme enthusiasm and non-stop practice. Meanwhile, George continued street dancing as it was his source of earning too.


George came in the limelight when he appeared to give his best winning audition in Britain’s Got Talent series 2 in 2008. He instantly won round one of the programs where he danced on “Rock this party” (Everybody dance now). George put extra effort into the semi-final and arranged an artificial rain machine for on-stage performance. He had chosen Mint Royale’s “Singing in the Rain” and won the audience vote because of his jaw-dropping performance.

George first selected Bee Gee’s song for the final part, then changed his mind at the eleventh hour. He reperformed the song of his semi-final and beat the other performers by standing number one in the series. It was a huge success for the little boy, which he truly deserved after so much hard work and patience.

George has been teaching dance since then, both on-stage and off-stage. George made his stage entry in the West End Hip Hop musical “Into the Hoods.” He loved the innovation and enjoyed dancing on stage.

The BGT judge, Simon Cowell, had become a fan of George. He pushed the dancer into singing, which turned out to be the best decision of his life. George’s debut single, Get up on the dance floor, retained its position at number 30 in the UK Singles Chart for a whole month.

George has also appeared in films Street Dance 2 and Street Dance 3D. He has done many small roles in other movies as well. Currently, Sampson is serving as the official ambassador of the United Dance Organization.

Personal Life

George lives with his mother and siblings. There were rumors that George was reportedly dating Kazmin Borrer, but the news is not yet confirmed. The couple has never announced their relationship status publicly.

George prefers to keep his matters and life affairs private. He has maintained a high-quality and noncontroversial social media presence as he is focused on his career these days.

Social Media

Sampson has 67.9k Instagram followers who love his killer moves. He also tweets regularly with 191k Twitter followers. He is an inspiration and social media influencer for all the street-style dance lovers out there. His YouTube channel has 5.76 thousand subscribers. However, it has potential to grow if he uploads the content on it regularly. His previous videos seem interesting which include small Vlogs, QA sessions with fans, and a lot more.


George Sampson is a British dancer who is Britain’s Got Talent series two winner in the first place. Dance is his passion, and he enjoys a huge fan following for his groove in dance. George’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.