Lou Watts Net Worth (2024): Age, Full Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On April 21st, 2022

Lou Watts is an enormous and talented British musician. She has worked with the famous musical band, Chumbawamba from 1982 till the year 2012.

Lou Watts' Net Worth

As of 2024, Lou Watts' net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Net Worth$1.5 million
Given NameLouise Mary Watts
Famous NameLou Watts
Source(s) of FameMusician
Date of BirthJune 4, 1962
Place of BirthBurnley, United Kingdom
RelationshipsSingle, ,

Early Life

Louise Mary Watts, also known as Lou Watts was born in Burnley, the United Kingdom on June 4, 1962. She holds British nationality. Her star sign is Gemini, following her date of birth. Lou’s family and academic background are still unknown. We are unable to find any relevant evidence about her early childhood and education.

Career Highlights

She has worked with the famous anarcho-punk band Chumbawamba. She has worked in this band as lead singer in many albums including the album Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records (1986) containing the songs How to Get Your Band On Television, Commercial Break, More Whitewashing, And in a Nutshell, Unilever, Invasion, Coca-Colonization, and some others.

Another album of hers was English Rebel Songs (1988) featuring the songs Colliers March, The Diggers Song, Smashing of the Van, Poverty Knock, Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire, The Triumph of General Ludd, and many others. The album Swingin’ with Raymond was released in 1995 and featured several songs including All Mixed Up, Oxymoron, Waiting; Shouting, Not the Girl I Used to Be, Never Let Go, and various more.

The album Tubthumper was released in 1997 containing the songs Creepy Crawling, The Good Ship Lifestyle, Drip, Drip, Drip, I Want More, Tubthumping, Amnesia, Outsider, The Big Issue, and a few more.

Another album was Singsong and a Scrap (2005) containing the songs The Land of Do What You’re Told, Fade Away, William Francis, Laughter in a Time of War, Bankrobber, Smith and Taylor, Bella Ciao, Learning to Love, and some others.

Her work in other albums includes Get On with It (2006) featuring the songs Hard Times of Old England, By & By, Jacob’s Ladder (Not In My Name), On eBay, Rich Pop Stars, Buy Nothing Day, and several others. The album The Boy Bands Have Won was released in 2008 under the label No Masters featuring the songs Words Can Save Us, Word Bomber, Hull or Hell, Unpindownable, All Fur Coat & No Knickers, Lord Bateman’s Motorbike, Compliments of Your Waitress, Waiting for the Bus, You Watched Me Dance, A Fine Career, When an Old Man Dies, and numerous more.

The work of this band in the mentioned albums was greatly appreciated by the listeners. There are some more albums released by Chumbawamba in which Lou Watts has worked. This musical journey ended in 2012, as the band crew separated this year.

Personal Life

Lou Watts is not married to anyone till now. There isn’t any information available regarding her married life and children. It might be possible that she is in a relationship with someone but she doesn’t want to expose it.

She seems to be a private person who, unlike other celebrities, doesn’t feel comfortable telling people about her relationship and personal life events. It is equally possible that she is single for now.

Social Media

Lou Watts is not active on any social media platform. She doesn’t have any official website nor does she have any official account. We are also unable to spot any fan page made in her name. A major reason behind her lack of presence on social media might be that she belongs to an older age, so there is a possibility that she is not interested in using social media or she doesn’t have any knowledge about social media. Another reason can be that she is not interested in sharing her personal life with her fans just to keep them engaged like every celebrity does nowadays.


Lou Watts is an amazing British musician with a magical voice that has touched the hearts of millions of people throughout her career. Her net worth is calculated to be around 1.5 million dollars.

Lou Watts has sometimes been associated with other Musicians such as Proof, Adam Granduciel, Snow, Bob Lido, Damion Hall, Cecile Breccia, Susan Oliver, Ed Sanders or Eddy Atlantis, and Johnny Kovacs or Jon K.