Danny Fujikawa Net Worth (2024): Height, Full Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On January 16th, 2022

Daniel Conor Fujikawa, famous as Danny Fujikawa, is an American musician. He plays the guitar and is a very renowned guitarist in America. He has done several projects and released many songs along with his band. He is worldwide famous for his music.

Danny Fujikawa's Net Worth

As of 2024, Danny Fujikawa's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Given NameDaniel Conor Fujikawa
Famous NameDanny Fujikawa
Source(s) of FameMusician
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
RelationshipsDating, Kate Hudson,
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Early Life

Danny Fujikawa’s date of birth is June 10, 1986, and his birthplace is Los Angeles, California, United States. Danny has American nationality. His star is Gemini. Danny practices Christianity as a religion. He received his early education from High School, Los Angeles, California, USA; then, he went to New York University for higher studies in 2004.

Ron Fujikawa is Danny’s father, and his mother is Melissa Linehan. Danny has two brothers, Michael Fujikawa and Brady Fujikawa. Danny started his career in music after dropping out from his school. He always had a passion for music; he decided to pursue his career in it.

Career Highlights

American musician Fujikawa joined a rock band as a lead role, due to which he got famous all over America. The band has released many songs together, and all the songs have gained international prominence.

After dropping out of school, Danny and other school friends started a music band in 2007 with the name “Chief”. In the band, he played the role of the main guitarist. Danny’s first album, “Modern Rituals “, was released in 2010.

After this, Danny started his record label with Chris Acosta named “Lightwave Records” in 2013; he worked very hard on his record label for almost two years. Danny has also done many other works. He also joined the company “Swiiim Company” as a Project Manager in 2013. He worked there for some time. He was an assistant editor in a company named Nomad Editing Company. He left that company in 2018 after working there for almost three years.

“Flat as crew members” and “Scumbag” are his films. In 2009, he also did a TV series named “Noisemakers on Noise Vox”.

Personal Life 

Danny Fujikawa and Kate Hudson are in a relationship and are engaged. They met in 2002 and started dating in December 2016. The couple welcomed their daughter into this world on October 2, 2018. They named her Rani Rose. On September 13, 2021, they got engaged and started a new chapter of their lives.

Danny loves to ride a scooter. His first choice is to ride his scooter whenever he gets some spare time. He goes to several different places with his girlfriend, Kate Hudson. Danny likes to do skincare routines. He keeps his skin hydrated by using skin masks. He also applies other serums to his skin.

He also enjoys book reading; he likes to read a good book in his free time. He is also a musician and a pro in playing the guitar. He always plays the guitar for Kate. Danny is a dog person, and he also has pet dogs. He also loves to do groceries for his family. He goes to stores with his family to buy eatables for them. He likes to stay connected to nature. He has grown many plants in his home.

Social Media

Danny is not a social media person. He does not use social media very much. The number of his followers on Instagram is 51.7k. He posts less frequently on Instagram. Most of his posts are about his daughter, dogs, girlfriend, and plants. He has also shared pics from his childhood and some funny posts on his account.


Danny Fujikawa is a great musician and a very good family man. He loves his music as well as his family. His life is pretty simple and revolves around his music and family. Now people recognize him and his music all around the world. $5 million is Danny’s net worth at present.

Danny Fujikawa has sometimes been associated with other Personalities such as Trino Marin, Piper Rockelle, Aleksei Archer, Anna Kochanius, Kajal Aggarwal , Brianne Howey, Mahesh Babu, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Brooke Ence.