Speech Net Worth (2023): Age, Real Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On February 27th, 2022

Speech is a hip-hop rapper, musician, and singer from America. He has earned bilions through his solo songs and the songs that he sings for his band Arrested Development.

Speech's Net Worth

As of 2023, Speech's net worth is estimated to be $135.5 billion.

Net Worth$135.5 billion
Given NameTodd Thomas
Famous NameSpeech
Source(s) of FameRapper
Date of BirthOctober 25, 1968
Place of BirthMilwaukee, Wisconsin USA
RelationshipsMarried, Yolanda Thomas,
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Early Life

Speech was born as Todd Thomas on the 25th of October 1986 in the suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America. His father’s name is Robert Thomas and his mother’s name is Patricia Thomas. He was the youngest child of the family.

In his childhood, he faced racism and the loss of close family members. He lost his grandmother to heart failure and his elder brother Terrence, died of Asthma. Both the deaths occurred in the same week, leaving the family devastated. The family regained courage, Todd wrote a song ‘Tennessee’ in memory of his brother.

In 1987, he moved to Georgia to join the Art Institute of Atlanta. He also attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Career Highlights

In 1987, Speech and Headliner joined and founded a band by the name of Arrested Development. After three years of hard work, the band released its debut album titled “3 years, 5 months and 2 days in the life of…”. The album was a super hit. The album won two Grammy awards in 1993, Best New Artists and Best Rap Single.

Next, the band released an album titled Zingalamaduni. The album was criticized but got a nomination in Grammy awards. In 1992, the band was named The Band of the Year by Rolling Stone Magazine. They also won two MTV awards for their song People Everyday.

The band apparently was successful but internally it was breaking apart. The partnership broke five years after the formation of the band.

In 1996, Speech released his first solo song titled As Marvin Gaye Said (What’s Going On). The song was a super success. It topped the list of Japanese Tokio 100 charts for seven consecutive weeks. In 1998, Speech released another solo album Hoopla. The album was loved by his fans all over the world.

In 2000, Speech rejoined Arrested Development without Headliner’s partnership. Together, Arrested Development and Speech have given the music industry some amazing hits Including, Never Had Your Back, Honeymoon Day, Becoming, Revolution, and many more.

Speech worked and toured with Arrested Development. He also continued his solo career.

During the 1996, US presidential elections, Speech traveled with Vice President Al Gore and First Lady Hillary Clinton. He was also part of the election campaign of US President Barack Obama.

Personal Life 

Speech tied the knot with the only love of his life Yolanda Thomas on the 16th of December 1995. The couple has two children, Zoe Thomas and Jahi Thomas.

Speech loves and holds his family and children very dear to himself. On multiple occasions, he has posted on Instagram about his love for his wife.

He has not been a part of any controversy yet. He travels a lot to promote his songs and albums.

Social Media

Speech is active on social media platforms. He has an active Instagram account. He has a fan following of 46.7 thousand followers. He posts about his songs, upcoming albums, and family pictures. He has posted both old and recent pictures of his wife and children. He openly declares the love and respect he has for his family.

He also has a YouTube channel. He uploads the videos of his songs on the channel and has 47.7 thousand subscribers. He has uploaded more than 90 videos on his channel till now.


Speech is a rapper, musician, and singer who belonged to the suburbs of America. He has risen to unreachable heights in the music industry. He has garnered a net worth of $135.5 billion.

Speech has sometimes been associated with other Rappers such as Future, Key Glock, John Alite, Key, James Stewart, Lynne Sue Moon, Na In-woo, Dawn Halfkenny, and Lihle Dhlomo.