Tyler Henry Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Full Name, Bio

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Tyler Henry is an American author and TV personality most famous for starring in E!’s reality show “ Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.”

Tyler Henry's Net Worth

As of 2024, Tyler Henry's net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Net Worth$3 million
Given NameTyler Henry Koelewyn
Famous NameTyler Henry
Source(s) of FameAuthor, TV Personality
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1996
Place of BirthHanford, California
RelationshipsDating, Clint Godwin,
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Early Life

Tyler Henry Koelewyn was born on the 13th of January 1996 in Hanford, California to father David Koelewyn and mother Theresa Koelewyn. He was raised as an only child in rural California and attended Sierra Pacific High School. Tyler first identified his clairvoyant abilities at the age of ten when he awoke one night to the awareness that his grandmother who was battling cancer was going to die. His prediction was validated shortly after as his mother received a phone call notifying her of his grandmother’s death just as Tyler was telling her about his strange dream.

The impressions became stronger and more frequent and Tyler struggled to understand what was happening to him and his new reality. Tyler knew right away that he was different and the middle school bullies didn’t let him live this fact down. Despite his troubles at school, Tyler took comfort in his parent’s support and found his confidence. By the time Tyler got to Sierra Pacific High School, he had embraced being different and even did $40 readings for his classmates and teachers. He was however displeased with his time in school and opted to be homeschooled where he took an accelerated program and completed high school by the time he was 16.

From a young age, Tyler knew he wanted to pursue a career that would give him the opportunity to help people. He had decided on becoming a hospice nurse and even enrolled in college to pursue a career in healthcare. During this time, he encountered a woman who informed him that by the time he was 19 he would have a show on TV. Obviously, he took the reading with a pinch of salt as he could not envision the predicted future since he was from a small town and had no connections in the entertainment industry.

Career Highlights

Tyler began his career doing readings in his hometown Hanford, California. He became famous with the locals and through referrals began getting clients who were further away. He skyrocketed to fame when he received the opportunity to star on E!’s ‘Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.’ The show was an instant success attracting high profile appearances like the Kardashian sisters, La Toya Jackson, Amber Rose, Bobby Brown, Megan Fox, actress Monica Potter, actor Tom Arnold, NBA player John Salley, Rick Fox, Carmen Electra, Carson Daly, Alan Thicke, Chad Michael Murray, and Matt Lauer.

On the television series ‘ Hollywood Medium,’ Tyler Henry received worldwide attention for his reading with La Toya Jackson where the clairvoyant medium was able to contact Michael Jackson. His reading with Alan Thicke was also brought to attention after the Canadian actor’s death as Henry had recommended the actor get his heart checked a few months prior to his succumbing to a heart-related condition.

Due to the success of the show ‘Hollywood Medium,’ Tyler Henry appeared on the ‘ Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and offered a reading to Ellen DeGeneres’ wife Portia. With a high-profile client list like that, critics were quick to point out that Tyler had managed to fool entire audiences by simply conducting some background checks on incoming clients. The production team debunked these narratives by revealing that Tyler remained unaware of which celebrity guest he would be reading up until he entered the room. Nonetheless, he welcomes criticism but encourages skeptics to be open-minded.

When asked to describe his ability, he says he is able to clearly see or know something. His reading technique usually involves him jotting down on a piece of paper and then interpreting his reading to his clients. Tyler aims to help his client find healing and peace and eventually move on from the loss of loved ones. Being Hollywood’s most sought out medium, Tyler is said to have a waiting list of over 300,000 people. I suppose his old schoolmates and teachers are doing a little victory dance over the $40 readings they received all those years ago. Besides doing one on one readings, Tyler also goes on tours which enable him to read to wider audiences at a time.

Since the cancellation of his show on the television network E!, Tyler has partnered with Netflix for the TV reality ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry.’ The show follows his life as he travels across the country giving readings. Tyler is also able to unravel a shocking and disturbing family mystery concerning his mother Theresa Koelewyn. Besides working as a contact to the other side, Tyler has published the books ‘ Here and Here After’ and ‘Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side.’

Personal Life

After watching Tyler Henry’s new show with Netflix, fans were quick to note that Tyler is often seated on the passenger’s seat while Theresa Koelewyn chauffeurs him around. This is because, at the age of 18, he suffered a mini-stroke and brain cyst and has since made the conscious decision not to drive.

Social Media

Tyler is active on social media with 942K Instagram followers and 56.4K Twitter followers.

Who Is Tyler Henry Dating?

Tyler is in an openly gay relationship with photographer and painter Clint Godwin. Tyler explains that his boyfriend’s late grandfather facilitated their meeting as he kept receiving a message from him and felt compelled to find his grandson. The two hit it off instantly and have been dating for over three years.


Tyler Henry is an author and one of the most famous mediums in Hollywood. He has a net worth of $3 million.

Tyler Henry has sometimes been associated with other Authors such as Tiffany Trump, Tom Schwartz, Heather Rae Young, Joey King, Ayushmann Khurrana, Hilary Duff, Madison Iseman, Vidyut Jammwal, and Parineeti Chopra.