Angela Velkei: Bio

Alex | Last Updated On May 9th, 2022

Angela Velkei is known as a celebrity’s ex-wife. She got the spotlight after getting married to Albert Del Rio who is a professional wrestler and martial artist. There is no information regarding her net worth on any reliable Internet source. 

Famous NameAngela Velkei
Source(s) of FamePersonalities
RelationshipsDivorced, Albert Del Rio,

Early Life

Angela Velkei was born in a city in the United States. She belongs to an American family and got raised by American parents. She has a mixed ethnicity though. 

She hasn’t shared any information regarding her birth date and parents’ profession so far. We are not even sure whether she has any siblings or not. Her family background and childhood memories are also missing from the internet. 

She received her early and higher education from private institutes in the United States. Then she went to the University to complete her education. She got an undergrad degree from there. 

Career Highlights

Angela Velkei is an educated person, however, she has never shared any information regarding her income source or career. She was enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with her husband Albert Del Rio who has a net worth of around $8 as of 2022. But the net worth of Angela Velkei is unknown yet because there is no information available on the Internet regarding her career life. She might be doing some ordinary job somewhere in the United States.

Personal Life 

Angela Velkei has never shared her interests or hobbies. Her personal life revolved around her ex-husband, Albert Del Rio. They dated for so many years and finally decided to tie the knot in the presence of their friends and family members. It was a memorable event and everyone who attended the wedding vouched for their love for each other. 

However, nothing went well and they had to go through a rough patch of their lives. Despite having three children together, they parted ways in 2015. Their divorce got a lot of attention and limelight from the media because of the popularity of Albert. Moreover, they both never tried to hide anything from the media. Instead, they gave their official statements regarding their divorce publically. 

According to Angela Velkei, she had to move on and leave Albert because of the adultery. Albert has also been accused by his girlfriend of sexually assaulting her. On the other hand, Albert’s lawyers requested the Judge to let Angela go through a psych evaluation.

Angela demanded the custody of their home, car, and children after their separation, however, no one got to know anything about the decision of the court despite waiting for so long. 

Social Media

Angela Velkei is not active on any social media platform. She might be trying to keep her hidden from the limelight or media after getting a divorce from Albert. It is also possible that she enjoys her private life enough to don’t let anyone interfere in it. She is a low-key person who has a few fans and followers but she doesn’t seem interested in keeping them engaged through her social media accounts or any other way.


Angela Velkei is a famous wrestler Albert Del Rio’s ex-wife. She got recognition because of her association with a celebrity who has so many followers. However, her net worth is not found in the records. 

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