Bradley Martyn Net Worth (2023): Height, Age, Full Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On January 22nd, 2022

Bradley Martyn is a personal trainer, social media star, physique competitor, and fitness guru who has amassed a large following on social media. He has millions of followers on Instagram, and his workouts and diet tips have helped many people achieve their fitness goals.

Bradley Martyn's Net Worth

As of 2023, Bradley Martyn's net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Net Worth$2 million
Given NameBradley Martyn
Famous NameBradley Martyn
Source(s) of FameFitness Guru, Youtube
Date of BirthMay 22, 1989
Place of BirthSan Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
RelationshipsSingle, ,
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Early Life

Bradley Martyn was born in San Francisco Bay Area, California, the United States on May 22, 1989. He is the son of two chiropractors. He had a life-changing tragedy in his life at an early age when his own father committed suicide or took his own life.

Bradley Martyn’s career began when he started physical training when he was just 15 years old which helped him overcome all his anxieties, doubts, and anger when his father committed suicide and it also helped his performance on the football field.

Bradley Martyn grew up in a small town in California where he began his career as a personal trainer while he was studying business at California State University.

Bradley Martyn has always been interested in being fit and healthy, and he is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Career Highlights

In 2010, Bradley Martyn began uploading workout videos to YouTube and became a youtube star. His workouts were popular from the start, and his following grew quickly. He soon became one of the most popular fitness personalities on the internet. Bradley’s workouts are challenging but achievable, and he provides helpful tips on diet and nutrition as well.

Bradley Martyn owns and established his own gym or fitness center. Despite being a big guy, he is approachable in nature. He helped his clients transform, he motivate people and influenced them to do better.

Bradley Martyn is also a co-founder of a fresh food delivery service called Lean Meals Inc. which delivers fitness-based healthy meals for proper nutrition. He also has another business where he sells clothing apparel and fitness equipment which he called BMFit Gear.

In 2014, the fitness guru Bradley Martyn entered the online world and created his own fitness channel on YouTube where he became an online fitness coach to many. His fitness program, diet plans, meal plans, and training regimes can be found on his youtube channel. He also uploads his own training videos and fitness journey.

Personal Life

Bradley Martyn is not that vocal about his personal life or dating life. All we know is he is single for now though he has dated someone in the past.

Bradley Martyn eats a healthy balanced high protein meal to gain muscle. He usually eats 2 grams of protein per kilogram of his body weight.

Social Media

The fitness guru and social media sensation Bradley Martyn has a large following on social media, and he uses his platforms to share helpful fitness tips and advice. His Instagram account has over 3.9 million followers, and his Twitter account has over 229 thousand followers. Bradley also has a Facebook page with over 3.2 million followers. He also has a youtube channel with 3 million subscribers and 400 million views.

In some of his posts on his Instagram account, he can be seen lifting heavy weights and heavy things such as cars.


With his fame and businesses such as the Zoo Culture Gym, the American social media star has a net worth estimated to be $2 million and it is still expected to grow as his fame increases.

Bradley Martyn has sometimes been associated with other Fitness Instructors such as Ellie Zeiler, Daisy Keech, Bella Poarch, TimTheTatman, Alex, Mo Vlogs, Jenna Davis, Vivek Oberoi, and Addison Rae.