Hi C Net Worth (2024): Real Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On March 20th, 2022

Hi-C is an African-American song creator and Rap artist. He was born in New Orleans, now called the city of Compton in California. Hi-C is well known for his Hip-hop songs and song collaborations with DJ Quik and Tony A.

Hi C's Net Worth

As of 2024, Hi C's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Given NameCrawford Wilkerson
Famous NameHi C
Source(s) of FameRapper
Place of BirthCompton, California, US
RelationshipsSingle, ,
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Early Life

Hi-C was born in Compton, California. His father’s name was Michael Mauldin.

Hi-C completed his early education at a school in his hometown, Compton, California. In school, he became friends with DJ Quik, Tony A, and 2nd II None. This trio proved their friendship by starting their careers together, but unfortunately, the trio no longer remains together.

Hi-C and DJ Quik spent their childhood in Western Compton, whereas 2nd II None lived in the Eastern side of Compton. Hi-C and DJ Quik were also members of Tree Top Piru.

Career Highlights

Hi-C’s whole career is dependent on music and his rapping. Hi-C has been fond of music since his childhood. That’s why his inner impulses push him to earn a great name in Hip-hop.

On December 10, 1991, Hi-C presented to the world his debut album and songs, including “I’m Not Your Puppet” (1991), “Leave My Curl Alone” (1992), and “Sittin in The Park” (1992).

The childhood friendship of Hi-C with DJ Quik, Tony A, and 2nd II None became the base of their career heights. Hi-C’s first album was produced by DJ Quik and Tony A.

In 1993, Hi-C worked as a background singer for two songs of CB4 (movie). Other than that, Hi-C appeared as a freestyle singer in “Malibu Most Wanted” (film).

Hi-C worked in collaboration with DJ Quik and Tony A on many songs. But the trio had some issues and no longer worked or appeared together.

Hi-C’s career as a rapper is spread over almost 15 years, from 1990 to 2004.

Personal Life

As a young lad, Hi-C had some affairs one after another. In 2004, Hi-C disappeared from the screen, no news about his marriage, children, or even himself appeared to the public. So his personal life is somehow invisible to us.

Social Media

Hi-C got fame as a rapper worldwide, especially from African countries. Since he disappeared from the screen, his social life is not known by the public. He is not active on any social media platform.


Crawford Wilkerson, best known as Hi-C, is a living African-American Hip-hop music rapper. He ranks as the most valuable rapper in America. He wrote songs; worked in movies as a background singer and as a guest for freestyle singing.

Hi-C proved his talent in the world of Hip-hop music. He is well-known for his collaborations with DJ Quik and Tony A. The Net Worth of Hi-C is $5million, estimated in 2004.

Hi C has sometimes been associated with other Rappers such as Freeway, Devlin, Speech, Future, Key Glock, John Alite, Key, James Stewart, and Lynne Sue Moon.