Kelly Rowland Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Real Name, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On December 17th, 2021

Kelly Rowland is an American singer, songwriter and actor best known as the member of the hit music band Destiny’s Child.

Kelly Rowland's Net Worth

As of 2024, Kelly Rowland's net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Net Worth$12 million
Given NameKelendria Trene Rowland
Famous NameKelly Rowland
Source(s) of FameSinger, Songwriter, Actress, Television Personality
Date of BirthFebruary 11, 1981
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
RelationshipsMarried, Tim Weatherspoon, Since 2014
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Early Life

She was into music from a very young age. She met Beyoncé Knowles when she moved to Houston. There she joined Girl’s Tyme. The group completed in several different talent shows but could not win it. However they did not give up and kept on working hard. Kelly and her friends including Beyoncé got associated with a lot of different labels before hitting it big. They even had to go through a lot of band name changes. When they were picked by Colombia Records, the group changed their name to Destiny’s Child and the rest is history.


Kelly Rowland was part of the music band Destiny’ Child. Their first breakthrough was when they got to provide music for the movie Men in Black in 1997. Then the group released their self-titled debut album Destiny’s Child. This album gave a big boost to the music career of the band. After her fame, she also got to act in movies like Freddy vs. Jason and the Seat Filler. She released her debut album Simply Deep in 2002 when the group was on a hiatus. After the band disbanded in 2006, Kelly started her solo career and released several albums that sold millions of copies. Throughout her career she has won several Grammy awards and a range of other awards and achievements.

Personal Life

Kelly Rowland broke the news about her engagement on The Queen Latifah Show on 16th December 2013. She is married to Tim Weatherspoon who was also her manager. She got married in Costa Rica on 9th May 2014. The wedding was also attended by the Beyoncé and her younger sister Solange. She has two sons who were born in 2014 and 2021 respectively.

She is also involved in a number of different philanthropic organizations. She founded the Survivor Foundation as a joint charitable entity with the Knowles family. She has worked to provide housing to people who lost their house during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Social Media

Kelly Rowland is active on Social Media. She has around 6.8 million followers on Twitter and around 12 million followers on Instagram. Her fame and social media popularity has seen a steady increase. She is a great music artist and with more high quality music releases she is bound to get more followers.


Kelly Rowland is singer and songwriter based in Houston, Texas. She rose to fame in late 1990s and since then has released a lot of music both with her band Destiny’s Child and then as a solo artist. She has a current net worth of $12 Million.

Kelly Rowland has sometimes been associated with other Singers such as Jessica Simpson, Alexandra Burke, Seal, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Cher Lloyd, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears.