Amy Winehouse Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Bio

Tiffany White | Last Updated On December 9th, 2021

Amy Winehouse was a British singer and songwriter who got famous with her award-winning album entitled Back to Black. She was well known for her extensive soulful genres such as jazz and rhythm and blues.

Amy Winehouse's Net Worth

As of 2024, Amy Winehouse's net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Net Worth$4 million
Given NameAmy Jade Winehouse
Famous NameAmy Winehouse
Source(s) of FameSinger, Songwriter
Date of BirthSeptember 14, 1983
Place of Birth London, England
Age At Death27
Date of DeathJuly 23, 2011
Cause of DeathAlcohol Poisoning
RelationshipsDivorced, Blake Fielder-Civil, Married 2007, Divorced 2009
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Early Life

Amy Jade Winehouse was born in Enfield, London, on September 14, 1983. Her mother, Janis Winehouse, was a pharmacist while her father was a window panel installer; both were Jewish. She also had an older brother named Alex. They all resided at London’s Southgate locale, where she attended a Jewish Sunday school.

At the age of nine, her parents separated, and she lived with her mother. Their family was musically inclined, specifically in the jazz genre. Her father always used to sing “Fly Me To The Moon” to her daily before went to school.

At the age of 14, she bought her own guitar and started composing songs. She worked as a journalist for entertainment at World Entertainment News Network. Amy started singing in a local band called Bolsha Band. In 2000, Tyler James, a soul singer and her best friend, forwarded her demo tape to a record label company.

Career Highlights

In 2002, Winehouse started her singing career as a secret talent while also being a jazz singer at Cobden Club. In 2006, her managing company encouraged her to enter rehab because of alcohol abuse. Still, she denied that idea and instead got inspired to release her first jazz album and also launch her first official website.

Winehouses’s album “Back to Black” was also promoted, and it became the top hit on UK Album Charts and became 7th on US Billboard 200. The “Back to Black” album became the UK’s best selling album in 2007 with a sale of 1.85 million copies. One of the songs in that album, entitled “Rehab”, reached 10th place in the UK and US and was named the Best Song of 2007.

In 2008, Winehouse earned five Grammy Awards, and she even had an entry at the Guinness Book of Records for having Most Grammy Awards attained by a British Female Act. Following the Grammys,  the “Back to Black” album reached the top 2 of US Billboard 200, and the sales escalated.

Personal Life

In 2007, Winehouse was engaged with Fielder-Civil and revealed that he was the inspiration behind her award-winning album Back to Black. The couple then got married in the same year in Miami, Florida.

Winehouse suffered from drug abuse and erratic behavior; she also admitted that she was a marijuana user. In 2007, she was hospitalised due to drug and alcohol abuse in a bar located in London. Her world tour was cancelled because she needed a break to work with doctors and regain her good health. Winehouse was captivated by the police because of possession of marijuana, and her husband was held in prison for bribery.

In 2009, it was confirmed that Winehouse and Fielder-Civil got divorced, and the reason for the split was adultery. Winehouse still continued the years strong in terms of her career.

Social Media

Amy Winehouse was an active user of social media platforms. She had 2.66M subscribers on Youtube, 11M monthly listeners on Spotify, 483K followers on Instagram, and 545K followers on Twitter.


In 2011, it was sadly announced that Winehouse died due to accidental alcohol and drug poisoning at the age of 27.


Amy Winehouse was a British singer who got famous with her award-winning album entitled Back to Black but died early due to alcohol abuse. Her net worth was $4 Million.

Amy Winehouse has sometimes been associated with other Singers such as Ashlee Simpson, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Jason Derulo, Sarah Harding, Rihanna, Olly Murs, Kylie Minogue, and SZA.