Alfred Nicdao Net Worth (2024): Height, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On April 3rd, 2022

Alfred Nicdao is an Australian television actor with Philippine roots. He is famous for his role as Louis Chang in The Blue Heelers and his roles in the popular Australian series, Neighbours. He has not disclosed his net worth yet in any interview or show.

Alfred Nicdao's Net Worth

As of 2024, Alfred Nicdao's net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Net Worth$4 million
Famous NameAlfred Nicdao
Source(s) of FameActor
Place of BirthSampaloc, Manila, Philippines
RelationshipsMarried, Louise Nicdao,

Early Life

Alfred Nicdao is originally from Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. He is an orphan. He was brought to Australia by his foster parents.

He was fond of acting since his childhood. He participated in acting projects while studying in his school. He also has the experience of acting in community theatres in Manila. He began searching for a theatrical role after shifting to Australia.

Career Highlights

Alfred Nicdao began his acting career as an Asian extra in the television series The Sullivans in 1979. He kept on working as an extra on every project that was offered to him.

In 1992, he appeared as Chong in Embassy. In 1996, he was seen as Eddy Ho in Mercury. The same year, he played Manolo in the television mini-series, The Bite. The following year, he played the role of Trevor Li in the State Coroner.

From 1999 to 2003, he played multiple roles in the television series, Stringers.

In 2002, he was seen on television as Kenny Yep in Bootleg. The same year he appeared on the screen as Dr. Boris Chong in MDA. In 2004, he got the role of Ice Fire Accountant in the movie, Loot. The same year he was cast as the villain, Louis Chang in Australia’s very popular series, The Blue Heelers. In 2005, he played the role of Mr. Wrong in Scooter: Secret Agent. The same year he was seen as Platero Village Elder in The Great Raid.

In 2011, he was once again cast in a negative role as Horta Cheng in Sea Patrol. In 2013, he was seen as Fong in the mini-series Better Man. The same year, he was cast as Benny Lo in the movie Without Warrant. In 2015, he played Judge Sirait in the television movie, Schapelle. In 2016, he was seen in another of his famous roles, Umar in Tomorrow, When the War Began. In 2006, he had appeared as Howard Lane in the Australian favorite series, Neighbours. In 2017, he again appeared in Neighbours as Bradley Satchwell. In 2018, he played Julian in the movie Repent or Perish. In 2020, he was seen as Tito in The Neon Across the Ocean. In 2021, he played Father Alfred in Funeral of the Century.

Apart from acting, Alfred also runs a training institute by the name of Hands-On Training Group Pty Ltd. Alfred aims to prepare the younger generation for working in their workplace with efficiency and productivity. Alfred lives in Australia but has Asian descent. He works for representing the Asian community in Australian cinema. In most of his television appearances and movies, he has played characters that have Asian descent.

Personal Life 

Alfred Nicdao is married. The name of his wife is Louise. Louise is a painter. They have not disclosed the date or venue of their wedding. The couple has a daughter, named Charlotte Nicdao. Charlotte is a renowned singer and songwriter. Alfred has not involved himself in any controversy up till now.

Social Media

Alfred Nicdao is not active on social media platforms. He does not have active Instagram or Twitter accounts. He seems reluctant in sharing his personal life on social media websites. He does not even have a YouTube channel.


Alfred Nicdao is an Asian-Australian actor. He has marked his name in the Australian film and television industry through his resilience and hard work. He has not shared his net worth up till now.

Alfred Nicdao has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Mark Frost, Nicholas Gonzalez, Min Jin-Woong, Tom Hayden, Seo Woo-jin, Ronnie Claire Edwards, Han Ji-wan, Irene Ryan, and Aaron O’Connell.