Carole Mathews Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Real Name, Bio

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Carole Mathews was an American actress of the 1950s Hollywood era. She won the title of Miss Chicago in 1938. She was celebrated for her role as Police Lieutenant Lee Hampton in Swamp Woman and Wilma Fansler in The Californias.

Carole Mathews' Net Worth

As of 2024, Carole Mathews' net worth is estimated to be $1,000,000.

Net Worth$1,000,000
Given NameJean Deifel
Famous NameCarole Mathews
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthSeptember 13, 1920
Place of BirthMontgomery, Illinois, United States
Age At Death94
Date of DeathNovember 6, 2014
Cause of DeathCongestive Heart Failure
RelationshipsDivorced, John Arthur Stockton,

Early Life

Carole Mathews was born Jean Deifel in Montgomery, Illinois, the United States on the 13th of September, 1920. She had three siblings. Two brothers and one sister. Her parents got separated. Her father took away his sons. Her mother took the other girl and left Jean with her grandmother. Her grandmother raised her. As a child, she was unhappy about her family’s separation and it harmed her mental health as well. She went into Nunnery to find inner peace. As she grew, she decided to go into the show business.

Career Highlights

Carole Mathews won the title of Miss Chicago in 1938. She also qualified for the Miss America beauty pageant. In Chicago, she worked on radio and did modeling. She also worked as an extra in many films. She changed her name to Jeanne Francis when she was working as an extra in 1939. She was fond of dancing and worked as a dancer in California. She changed her name to Carole Mathews when she began dancing as a Rhumba dancer in Rhumba Casino, Chicago.

From 1935 to 1939, Carole appeared as a dancer in several movies. She made her debut as an actress in 1944. She appeared as Doreen Nesbit in Swing in the Saddle. The same year, she was seen as Frances in She’s a Sweetheart. In 1945, she was cast as Jean Anderson in I Love a Mystery. The same year, she played the role of Hilda Cartwright in Sing Me a Song of Texas. She was then seen as Babs Arnold in The Monster and the Ape. She played Mary Halliday in Blazing the Western Trail.

She made her television debut in 1951 by appearing in an episode of Stars Over Hollywood. In 1956, she got her most appreciated role as Police Lieutenant Lee Hampton in the movie, Swamp Woman. From 1958 to 1959, she was loved on the screen as Wilma Fansler in the television series, The Californias.

Carole Mathews appeared as a guest star in several television shows including, Guestward Ho!, Johnny Midnight, Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Markham, The Rough Riders, Northwest Passage, and many others. Later in her life, she became the owner of a restaurant and a travel agency. She also became a horse breeder and trainer.

Personal Life

Carole Mathews got married to actor Arthur John Stockton in the August of 1942. Arthur John Stockton was a Canadian actor. He was known for his roles in Commandos Strike at Dawn and Hitler’s Children. The marriage could not last for more than a couple of years. They got divorced in 1944. The couple had no children. Carole Mathews did not marry again after that.

Social Media

Carole Mathews was not active on social media websites. Carole Mathews was an actress of the 1950s, at that time newspapers, television, theater, and radio were used as media platforms. There are no legacy Instagram or Twitter accounts by her name. She didn’t even have a YouTube channel.


Carole Mathews died a natural death at the age of 94 years. She expired on the 6th of Novemer, 2014. Congestive heart failure is recorded as her cause of death. She died in Murrieta, California, United States of America.


Carole Mathews was a famous dancer and actor of the nineties. She struggled hard to get recognition and appreciation in the show business. She was able to garner a net worth of $1 million before her death.

Carole Mathews has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Anna Slotky, Kang Eun-bi, Valerie O’Connor, Mario Yedidia, Constance Gay, Veronica Strong, Marjorie Hoshelle, Christopher Reid, and Nicholas Bond-Owen.