John L. Nelson Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Full Name, Bio

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John L. Nelson was born in 1916 in Webster Parish, Louisiana, U.S. He was a well-known Jazz Musician and songwriter in America. People remember him by his stage name ‘Prince Roger,’ and love his music band, “The Prince Rogers Trio.”

John L. Nelson's Net Worth

As of 2024, John L. Nelson's net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Net Worth$3 million
Given NameJohn Lewis Nelson
Famous NameJohn L. Nelson
Source(s) of FameMusician, Singer, Songwriter
Date of BirthJune 29, 1916
Place of BirthWebster Parish, Louisiana, United States
Age At Death85
Date of DeathAugust 25, 2001
Cause of DeathNon-Communicable Disease
RelationshipsMarried, Mattie Della Shaw,

Early Life

Nelson spent a simple life facing many hurdles since his childhood. He was born to Carrie and Clarence Nelson in 1916, having four siblings. In his youth, he admired his father for his music skills and wanted to become as popular as his father was.

Career Highlights

Nelson’s career journey started in 1948 when he went to Minneapolis to become a musician. Nelson was very skillful in playing the piano, so he used “Prince Rogers” as a title for his stage shows. After that, with this name, he created a band called “The Prince Rogers Trio” by the collaboration of local musicians. With his stage name “Prince Roger,” Nelson got so popular among the audience and listeners that they remembered him as Prince Roger for all their lives.

In 1956, Roger, oops, I mean Nelson, had an unexpected meeting with Mattie Della Shaw. They met at a show on the north side of Minneapolis. Shaw was a jazz musician, so they made solid chemistry but were later separated by some personal issues.

The Prince Rogers Trio performed in many states and cities, earning people’s love and appreciation. We can count Nelson’s career years from 1948 to 1966, and it will be a total of 18 years.

Nelson was also a songwriter, wrote several songs sung by his band, and some were released in the 1980s by his son Prince.

Personal Life

John L.Nelson was born on June 29, 1916, in Webster Parish, Louisiana. Nelson was one of the five children of his parents. His mother was Carrie, and his father was Clarence Nelson. He was named John Lewis Nelson by his family. Nelson’s grandfather was born to a White slave-owner, but he married to Black woman named Emma, so Nelson belonged to a black-hybrid family.

Nelson had a deep love for music and singing, and for this love, he bore hardships. He traveled to far-off places to pursue music as his career.

Nelson married Mattie Della Shaw on August 31, 1957, after meeting her at a show on the north side of Minneapolis. Della was a Jazz Musician, too; that’s why the couple found similar interests in each other. Della had a child from her first marriage named Alfred Frank Alonzo Jackson. Della gave birth to two children named Prince and Tyka Nelson, and the couple brought up three children. Nelson named his son after his father’s stage name. After living eight years together, they separated in 1965. And their divorce took place on September 24, 1968. Nelson’s son “Prince” pursued his father’s profession and earned a great reputation in singing.


Nelson died on August 25, 2001, at the age of 85. He spent his last days of life in his home in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Social Media

Since the musician and songwriter John L. Nelson left us in 2001, no social media appeared. Yet the musician is well known for his amazing songs and band performances. His son “Prince” is earning a great reputation and making his father and family proud.


John L. Nelson was born on June 29, 1916, in Minnesota, the U.S. He had four siblings and had a love and passion for music that he made his journey to Minneapolis in 1948 to start his music. Nelson made a music band, “The Prince Rogers Trio,” and then adopted the stage name “Prince Roger.” Nelson married Mattie Della Shaw in 1957 but separated in 1965, having two children. Nelson lived 85 years of his life and died in 2001. His Net worth for the year 2001 is $3Million.

John L. Nelson has sometimes been associated with other Musicians such as Ronnie Claire Edwards, Han Ji-wan, Irene Ryan, Aaron O’Connell, Ryo Yoshizawa, Reggie Hayes, Niurka Marcos, Gökhan Alkan, and Carolina Main.