Kaoru Kuroki Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Bio

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Kaoru Kuroki, a 57-year-old lady whose name means fragrant Blacktree is a Japanese adult video performer as well as a multi-media figure who has garnered comparisons to Cicciolina, Dr. Ruth, and Linda Lovelace for her role as a media counselor voicing outspoken opinions on sex and society.

Kaoru Kuroki's Net Worth

As of 2024, Kaoru Kuroki's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Famous NameKaoru Kuroki
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthJanuary 21, 1965
Place of BirthJapan
RelationshipsSingle, ,

Early Life

Kaoru Kuroki, also known as Megumi was a Japanese adult film actess. She was born in Japan on 21 January 1965.

Kaoru was born into a traditional, middle-class society. Kuroki, the girl of an engineer, was a brilliant youngster who displayed artistic skills from a young age. She got admission into a public school and later, she joined art school when she was 15.

After completing her early education, she also went to Yokohama National University, established in 1876.

Kuroki began participating in adult movies (AVs) considering it as a different type of art when she was still a student at Yokohama National University.

She stated AVs as a natural and uncomplicated thing. Her point of view indicates how interested she was in adult films and how much she enjoyed it.

Career Highlights

SM Poi no suki, published in October 1986, was Kuroki’s first adult video debut by the major AV studio Crystal-Eizou and directed by Toru Muranishi, an innovative AV director and former adult film performer.

In 1988, Kuroki performed in the basic AV model video and made magazine appearances for which she started getting the attention of the National media the same year. Kuroki was interviewed by the media after she decided to cease shaving her underarm hair as a symbolic rebellion against Japan’s long-standing ban of the representation of pubic hair in publication or screen. Kuroki admits that her decision to stop shaving her underarms served as a cliché to help distinguish her from the throng of AV girls, but she also sees it as an expression of feminism and uniqueness.

Her AV appearances were being appreciated by her male audience. This was the reason that she also engaged with a female audience by articulating feminist views on daytime television.

Kuroki also appeared in the TV Asahi stage opera Shigotonin, Kyto E Iku Yamiuchinin No Nazo No Shury, which aired on March 3, 1989.

Kuroki collaborated with Diamond Visual’s new AV star, Kimiko Matsuzaka, in the adult film 1107 Millimeter Impression in March 1989. Later that year, Kuroki served as the trainer in two entries of Diamond Visual’s How to Sex – Sexual Information series of instructional sex videos, with Matsuzaka doing the physical demos. Kuroki and Matsuzaka reunited in Toru Muranishi’s pink film Daikyonyuu: Noshikakaru for Xces in December 1990.

Kuroki also appeared with Matsuzaka at the Akasaka club, Mirukuhooru, (milk hall) after Matsuzaka retired from AV performances in 1990.

After her extensive involvement with AVs, Kaoru retired in 1994.

Personal Life 

According to the sources, Kaoru Kuroki is still single and was not involved in any relationships lately. There is not much information available regarding her personal life. It seems like she wants to keep her personal and private life separate.

Social Media

Kuroki does not have any official/verified social media accounts. She might have some personal accounts which are hidden from the public. Due to the lack of her social media presence, her fans are now more curious to know about the details of her life.


Former Japanese adult film actress Kaoru Kuroki is well-known for not trimming her pubic hair. Other than being bold and unapologetically true, she is a great performer. Her net worth is approximately 5 million dollars.

Kaoru Kuroki has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Key, James Stewart, Lynne Sue Moon, Na In-woo, Dawn Halfkenny, Lihle Dhlomo, Harvey Bautista, Zorion Eguileor, and Karlous Miller.