Annapurna Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Real Name, Bio

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Annapurna is a great Indian actress, famous for her roles as mother, mother-in-law, aunt and grandmother in Telugu films. She made her film debut in 1975 in the Telugu film Swargam Narakam. Since then, she has appeared in more than 700 films and has won Nandi Awards for three times.

Annapurna's Net Worth

As of 2024, Annapurna's net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Net Worth$3 million
Given NameUmamaheswari
Famous NameAnnapurna
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthOctober 17, 1948
Place of BirthVijayawada, Madras Province, Dominion of India
RelationshipsMarried, ,

Early Life

Annapurna was born Umamaheswari in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on 17 October 1948. Her parents were Sitaravamma and Prasad Rao.

In the start, she was named as Uma in the film industry, but later on lyricist C. Narayana Reddy named her as Annapurna while she worked in the film Swargam Narakam directed by Dasari Narayana Rao.

Career Highlights

In 1975, Annapurna started her film career. The most famous films Annapurna appeared in include Samsaram Oka Chadarangam, Muthyamantha Muddu, Swargam Narakam, Assembly Rowdy. During the 1980s, she appeared in almost all films with Chiranjeevi as lead hero. The names of these films are Donga, Sangarshana, Chattamtho Porattam, Raakshashudu,Marana Mrudangam, Trinetrudu, Khaidi No 786, and Jwala.

Apart from Telugu films, Annapurna also worked in Tamil films including Varavu Nalla Uravu, Nadodi Pattukkaran etc. Another aspect of her acting career was working in Hindi films such as Kanoon Ki Hathkadee and Waqt Ka Shahenshah.

Then she disappeared from the film scene for a few years and made a comeback in 2007. She played the roles of mother and grandmother in Telugu films Evadithe Nakenti and Godava.

In 1991, Annapurna played the role of mother of Mohan Bahu in the film Assembly Rowdy. She also played the lead actress role alongside Mohan Bahu in the film Swargam Narakam.

Till this time, after a long era of appearing in films all over India, Annapurna has appeared in more than a total of 700 films.

Personal Life

Nothing much is known about the personal life of Annapurna. We only know that she had a daughter named Keerthi. She committed suicide and died in June 2018. No information about her husband or any other children is known at this time.

Social Media

Although a famous Indian actress, famous for her roles as mother and mother-in-law in Telugu films, Annapurna does not have a social media presence. We couldn’t find her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Annapurna is considered as a very successful and famous actress in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. She has played successful lead roles as well as roles of mother, aunt, grandmother and mother-in-law in more than 700 films in her entire career. She has won Nandi Awards three times and her current net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Annapurna has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Win Metawin, Michael Cole, Howard McNear, Yoo Gun, Takami Yoshimoto, Rose Schlossberg, Jack Bardoe, Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai, and Alfredo Gatica.