Betty Lynn Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Real Name, Bio

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From the year 1961-to 1966, she was highly known for starring as ‘Thelma Lou’ in the famous television series titled ‘The Andy Griffith Show’. Additional to these projects, Betty appeared in different movies as some of the known include; ‘The Original Cheaper by the Dozen, ‘Meet me in Las Vegas, and ‘June Bride’.

Betty Lynn's Net Worth

As of 2024, Betty Lynn's net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Net Worth$4 million
Given NameElizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn
Famous NameBetty Lynn
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthAugust 29, 1926
Place of BirthMissouri, United States
Age At Death95
Date of DeathOctober 16, 2021
Cause of DeathBrief Illness
RelationshipsSingle, ,

Early Life

The eminent young actress with the real family name as ‘Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn’ devoted a great part of her life to the entertainment industry. Betty gave her commendable performances both for singing and acting. The taste for singing brought in her from her mother, as she was a famous singer. Following her footsteps, Betty developed an immense interest in singing from her childhood, thus started learning that by joining different music classes at a young age.

Career Highlights

The official start of her career was from the 1950s to-1960s the. Before making her recognition as Thelma, Betty did many television series as a flourishing start of her career. She used to earn 7 dollars per episode for a series of radio shows at the start. This start was not pleasant enough, as she used to sing in the bars, hotels, and other gathering places just to earn some money.

Her mother was a good singer, her qualities and interests were greatly imbibed in Betty, and she got plenty of work in that area too. She started with the ‘tryst’ with United Services Organization. With the help of the United Services Organization, Betty availed the opportunity to sing in different hospitals after the world war, aiming at the provision of healing moments to the patients and warriors of the war. Similarly, in 1948 she appeared on some ‘Broadway shows’ and managed her debut with the movie named ‘Sitting Pretty. This movie proved a turning point to her average career

After that, she started getting more offers for different television projects, including films and serials both. Some of the famous films projects of Betty Lynn include; ‘Payment on Demand’ ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, ‘Mother is a freshman’ and ‘June Bride’. The year 1961 appeared as a prime source of her bright career as that time she got the role of ‘Thelma Lou’ in the popular ‘Andy Griffith Show. This role along with her tremendous performance, made her won the hearts of millions, and soon she became the most viewed face on the television serials.

Personal Life

Betty Lynn’s mother was a singer, and her father was an average man who wanted to kill her mother when she was pregnant and conceiving a daughter. This led to a huge fuss among his parents, and ultimately, both separated just after 10 months of Betty’s birth and divorced later. At that critical time, Betty’s grandfather named ‘George Andrew Lynn’ supported her lot, and Betty took the responsibility of her grandparents and her mother on her own and supported them for a handsome living. Moreover, she got engaged thrice but never married.


Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn died last October 16, 2021 at age 95 after a brief illness.

Social Media

Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn doesn’t have any social media accounts.


There are a few people who manage their lives in a way that they rule over the hearts of people even in their absence. The legend lady has left us, but her remarkable services for the entertainment industry will always be a worthy note to be discussed and remembered. Her net worth was about $3 million at the time of her death, but now that has been expanded to $4 million which is good proof of her loyalty and dedication to the industry.

Betty Lynn has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Johnny Lee, Robert Wolders, Dave (Gruber) Allen, Erin Blunt, Moira Foot, Anne Horak Gallagher, Simay Barlas, Sophie Hensser Bloom, and Gail O'Grady.