Delia Razon Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Real Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On March 19th, 2022

The famous name of the entertainment industry and the most adorable actress Delia Razon was born in a renowned city of the Philippines called ‘Manila’ on August 8, 1931. She took birth in rich family background and earned more wealth and fame, sprinkling her skills into her outstanding acting career. Just because of her efforts and dedication to the work, her name got ranked at the top of richest actresses of the entertainment industry. Razon is currently 88 years old.

Delia Razon's Net Worth

As of 2024, Delia Razon's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Given NameLucy May Gritz
Famous NameDelia Razon
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthAugust 8, 1931
Place of BirthManila, Philippines
RelationshipsMarried, Aurelio Reyes,

Early Life

A renowned actress of the Philippines, who was professionally known as Lucy May Gritz, took birth in handsome family background. Her father was German, and her mother was the Philipino-Spanish origin. The young actress was a great admirer of acting from her childhood and initiated its journey just after completing her formal education. In 1949, Razon gave her debut in the ‘LVN Pictures named ‘Krus na Bituin’. After this successful debut, Dona Narcisa greatly admired the talent and acting skills of Lucy May Gritz and gave her the screen name ‘Delia Razon.’

Career Highlights

There is a long list of the projects where Delia Razon has given her tremendous performances. The talented actress appeared in different projects and showed up in multiple leading roles. Such as,

  • In 1948, she appeared in a film called ‘Awit ng Bulag’.
  • Just a year later, in 1949, she successfully handled a project named ‘Gitano’.
  • In 1950, she appeared in a film called ‘Mutya ng Pasig.’
  • Iin 1952, she appeared in the movie named ‘Rodrigo de Villa.’
  • In the same year, Delia handled a project named ‘Digmaan ng Damdamin’.
  • In 1953, Delia performed in a film named ‘Senorito.’
  • In 1954, she played a main role in a project named ‘Dambanang Putik.’
  • In 1955, Delia appeared in ‘Lapu-Lapu.’
  • In 1956, she became a part of the project ‘Luksang Tagumpay.’

Similarly, in 1982, ‘Haplos’, in 1984, ‘Sigaw ng Katarungan’, and the list just enver ends. She appeared so many times on the screen and grasped the attention of huge audiences. Besides these, there are popular television series of this skilled actress as in 2009, Tayong Dalawa appeared and in 2001, ‘Biglang Sibol and Bayang Impasibol’ touched the high rankings.

Personal Life

Delia is married to the actor Aurelio Reyes and they have 3 beautiful children.

Social Media

The famous young actress Delia Razon is one of the most popular celebrities. however, she is not active on social media networks. She has devoted her passion and skills to the entertainment industry and has enjoyed its outstanding benefits during her career.


The journey of Delia Razon has been the best epitome of showing up all these characteristics. She has been doing everything at the right time and in the right place. Her entertainment industry career has been a huge source of her fame and economy among the audiences. The spirits, struggles, and hard work for the projects, specifically, the loyalty, have made this legendary actress win the hearts of millions. And the net worth of about $5 million is just the perfect example of that. Moreover, she is currently alive and is around 90 years old.

Delia Razon has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Robert Reed, Adwoa Smart, Millicent Simmonds, Anand Desai-Barochia, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Larry B. Scott, Moisés Arizmendi, Ophélia Kolb, and Lee Hyun-Jae.