Gail Russell Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Real Name, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On March 19th, 2022

The most famous film star ‘Gail Russell’ took birth in Chicago on Sept 21, 1924. Her father’s name was George Russell, and her mother’s name was Gladys Russell. Gail performed tremendously in different film projects, and a few of them became a good source of her fame in the industry. Some of those were ‘Angel and the Badman’ and ‘The Uninvited.’ She left the world at the very young age of only 36 due to a non-communicable disease.

Gail Russell's Net Worth

As of 2024, Gail Russell's net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

Net Worth$6 million
Given NameBetty Gale Russell
Famous NameGail Russell
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1924
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States
Age At Death36
Date of DeathAugust 26, 1961
Cause of DeathLiver Damage
RelationshipsDivorced, Guy Madison, (1949 - 1954)

Early Life

Russell opened her eyes to rich family background. The known actress was fond of acting and always dreamt of becoming a superstar. So, she joined an acting career just after completing her early education in her hometown. Gail moved from Chicago to Los Angeles when she was in her teenage. Her father was a famous musician at the start, and ultimately he started working up for Lockheed. In her early childhood, Gail wanted to become an artist. Thus she did some work on that before joining the acting field.

Career Highlights

The popular young actress amazingly did different film projects. The very first film of the known actress was ‘Virginia Lowry’ where she did a side role in 1943. Her third film was named ‘Charm’ where she co-starred with ‘Diana Lynn’ it was basically aimed as ‘the popular book of the time’ and touched high ratings. Similarly, in 1947, while performing in a film named ‘Angel and the Badman,’ Gail starred opposite ‘John Wayne.’ In 1960, Gail was signed opposite to co-star ‘George Raft’ in a film called ‘Cause of Death’ directed by ‘Mark Stevens’.

In 1957, she appeared in a film named ‘The Tattered Dress’ which starred ‘Jeanne Crain and ‘Jeff Chandler.’ In 1956, Gail performed a minor role in ‘7 men from Now’ as Annie Greer. Moreover, she was hired to act by paramount pictures on account of her uncommon beauty at the age of 18. Thus she signed a long-term agreement with that studio. A movie named ‘The Silent Call’ in 1961 appeared as the last project the great actress dealt with.

Personal Life

The great star of the showbiz industry married a known actor Guy Madison in 1949, but they could not pursue a good connection with each other and get divorced in 1954. When she died, she left family and friends behind.


After the start of her career, she moved to a separate apartment and lived there alone. Because of excessive drinking, she got hospitalized. The continuation of the bad habit made her die, and her dead body was found in her apartment located in Brentwood just when she was 36 years old. Two neighbors found her dead in that apartment, showing the concern that they had not seen her for several days. They saw an empty vodka bottle around her dead body and a stack of empty bottles in the room. So, liver damage became the actual cause of her death at a very young age.

Social Media

Gail Russell was one of the most famous television stars of her time and even today. She was one of the richest actresses in the industry at the time of her active career, and her net worth is still demanding even after her death. However, social media didn’t exist at her time, but the young actress got a huge fanbase based on her popularity and tremendous performances.


There was a mash-up of struggles, hard work, and passion for the work in her entire journey. And all these attributes are the major reason for her active presence in the hearts of millions of people. She has left the world, but her name and success stories will always be a memorable part of the industry. The fruit of her efforts made her able to enjoy a net worth of $6 million on average.

Gail Russell has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Pucky Ali, Jason Robards, Joy Boushel, Delia Razon, Robert Reed, Adwoa Smart, Millicent Simmonds, Anand Desai-Barochia, and Rey 'PJ' Abellana.