Jack DeLeon, Christopher Weeks Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Real Name, Bio

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Jack DeLeon was also popularly known as Christopher Weeks. He was an actor and voice artist from America. He is still remembered for his role as Marty Morrison in Barney Miller (1975-1982).

Jack DeLeon, Christopher Weeks' Net Worth

As of 2024, Jack DeLeon, Christopher Weeks' net worth is estimated to be $1.9 million.

Net Worth$1.9 million
Given NameJack DeLeon
Famous NameJack DeLeon, Christopher Weeks
Source(s) of FameActor and Voice Artist
Date of BirthDecember 19, 1924
Place of BirthNew York, USA
Age At Death81
Date of DeathOctober 16, 2006
Cause of DeathHeart and Kidney Malfunction
RelationshipsMarried, ,

Early Life

Jack deLeon opened his eyes on 19th December 1924 in New York, United States of America. He was an actor and voice artist during the golden age of television.

There is not much information available about his early life, parents, and siblings.

Career Highlights

Jack DeLeon began his career as an actor by his original name Jack DeLeon. His first appearance on television was the role of Dan in Miami Undercover in 1961. The same year he appeared in two episodes of television drama Everglades also titled Emergency Treatment, as Cutter. As a voice artist, his most remarkable work was voicing the character of Johnny Strom-The Human Torch in the famous animated series Fantastic Four (1967-68). In 1970, Jack appeared in three episodes of The Governor & J.J as Al Burns. In 1971, he appeared in one episode of That Girl and The Partners.

In 1974, he voiced additional voices in Emergency +4. In 1975, he played the role of Captain Neldor in Linda Lovelace for President. The same year he acted as Cliffy in The Rookies. He also played Dr. Binay in I Wonder Who is Killing Her Now?

He also voiced the character of Sergeant Samuel McPherson in 1977 television series It’s Grinch Night. Jack DeLeon voiced additional voices in the animated series The Hobbit (1977) and Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo (1979). In 1986, he changed his name from Jack DeLeon to Christopher Weeks. He appeared as Sam Osmond in Uphill All The Way. As Christopher Weeks he voiced the character of Major Courage in animated series DuckTales in 1987. In 1995, he acted the role of Brian Carlin in Temptress. He played his final role of Mr. Merry in Allyson is Watching in 1997.

He also appeared as a guest in several famous television shows including, The Joey Bishop Show, Allen Luden’s Gallery, The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson, The Ice Palace, and many more.

Personal Life

Jack DeLeon did not talk much about his personal life in his lifetime. His fans know very little about his family and love life.

Jack was bold and courageous enough to play gay roles back then when the concept of homosexuality was not accepted at all.

Social Media

Jack DeLeon also Christopher Weeks, was not active on social media platforms. He died in 2006 when the use of social media was not as common as it is today. When Jack was young and active (1960-1990), newspapers, television, and radio were common means of communication with the fans.


He died in Los Angeles, California USA at the age of 81, on October 16th, 2006. The reason for his death was heart and kidney malfunction. He is buried in Mount Sinai Memorial Park, California.

On his gravestone, the following inscription is given “Beloved Dad, Grand Dad, Brother, Uncle and Dear Friend. Actor, Comedian, Artist. Laughter Always in Our Memories”.


Jack DeLeon, also known as Christopher Weeks, was an American actor and voice artist of the golden age of television. He was not only a versatile actor but also courageous enough to raise his voice against the taboos of society. He will always be remembered by his fans. He had an estimated net worth of around $1.9 million.

Jack DeLeon, Christopher Weeks has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Mary Beth Rubens, Pat Conway, John Moulder-Brown, August Ames, Mark Lee, Ha Joo-Hee, Carmen Soriano, Ryan Newman, and Park Young-rin.