Lorenzo De Rodas Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Full Name, Bio

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Lorenzo De Rodas, was a great Spanish actor and director. He is remembered for his work in various telenovelas and Mexican movies. He was considered one of the most astonishing actors of his time. Lorenzo De Rodas, passed away on December 17, 2011, at the age of 81 due to some natural health issues.

Lorenzo De Rodas' Net Worth

As of 2024, Lorenzo De Rodas' net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Net Worth$10 million
Given NameLorenzo López De Rodas Y Martín
Famous NameLorenzo De Rodas
Source(s) of FameActor and Director
Date of BirthAugust 2, 1930
Place of BirthMadrid, Spain
Age At Death81
Date of DeathDecember 17, 2011
Cause of DeathNatural Aging Diseases
RelationshipsMarried, María Idalia,

Early Life

Lorenzo López De Rodas Y Martín, also known as Lorenzo De Rodas, was born in Madrid, Spain on August 2, 1930. There’s not much information available about his family, as he never talked about them in an interview or social media platform. He was a Spanish national. After completing his early education, he started acting as a profession.

Career Highlights

Lorenzo De Rodas, was a sparkling star. His famous movie projects include Festín para la muerte (1954), Pablo and Carolina (1957), Sobre el muerto las (1961), Supervivientes de los Andes (1976), Fray Bartolomé de las Casas (1993), Días de combate (1994), Algunas nubes (1995), Fuera de la ley (1998), El crimen del padre Amaro (2002), Sus demonios (2003), and Club eutanasia (2005).

His career in television started with the series Un pasa al abismo in 1958. Public appreciated his performance in this television series. He has done dozens of television series including La insaciable (1961), Las víctimas (1961), Leyendas de México (1961), La constitución (1970), Aventura (1970), Barata de primavera (1975), Mi hermana la nena (1976), J.J. Juez (1879), El ángel caído (1985), Alondra (1995), La antorcha encendida (1996), Tres mujeres (1999), La intrusa (2001), Bajo la misma piel (2003), La madrastra (2005) and several more. He appeared in a television series Central de abasto, from the year 2008 till 2009, which was his last appearance before death.

He was also an elegant director as well as an actor. Projects which were done under his direction include El dolor de vivir (1964), Doménica Montero (1978), Verónica (1979), Lágrimas negras (1979), J.J. Juez (1979), Honrarás a los tuyos (1979), Sandra y Paulina (1980), Infamia (1981), La indomable (1987), El rincón de los prodigios (1988), Bendita mentira (1996), El secreto de Alejandra (1997), and Tres mujeres (1999).

He also worked as a cinematographer in a few movies, including Humillados y ofendidos (1977) and Mamá campanita (1978).

He has won a few awards including the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Personal Life 

He was married to María Idalia, who is also a popular and charming actress. They have a son Leonardo Daniel, who is also working as an actor. This way, most of his family members belong to the acting profession.


He died in Mexico in 2011 and before his death, he was accompanied by his friends and family members. He died due to some natural aging diseases. He was 81 years old at the time of his death.

Social Media

Lorenzo De Rodas was not much active on different social media platforms. Social media usage wasn’t much popular at his time so, it might be the reason that he doesn’t have any social media account.


Lorenzo De Rodas was a famous Spanish actor and director of Spain. He died in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico on December 17, 2011. He will always be remembered for his breathtaking performances in various movies and TV serials. His net worth is computed to be around 10 million dollars.

Lorenzo De Rodas has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Raymond Ablack, Jimmie Walker, Lee Hyun Wook, Nicole Hayden, Vincent Oshana, Vaneza Pitynski, Clint Howard, Robert Horton, and John Hopkins.