Marianne Dela Riva Net Worth (2024): Bio

Alex | Last Updated On March 14th, 2022

Marianne Dela Riva is a popular Filipina actress who is known for her character Luisa in a TV series named Gulong ng Palad. She has been the most favorite and highly demanded leading lady of action stars in the 1980s. She has enjoyed both wealth and fame during her acting career.

Marianne Dela Riva's Net Worth

As of 2024, Marianne Dela Riva's net worth is estimated to be $9 million.

Net Worth$9 million
Famous NameMarianne Dela Riva
Source(s) of FameActress
Place of BirthPhilippines
RelationshipsMarried, Oscar T. Ortiz,

Early Life

Marianne Dela Riva is born in the Philippines in 1956. She has never talked about her parents, family members, or siblings in any interview or show.

It seems like she has been an introverted person since her childhood. However, her beautiful facial features and personality have always helped her get the attention of the people around her even when she was just a kid.

She has not revealed any information about her education or institutes she went to for completing her studies. However, it can be assumed that she has completed her basic education as it reflects in her personality and the way she carries herself.

Career Highlights

Marianne Dela Riva decided to pursue her acting career when she was a teenager. She first grabbed the attention of fashion designer Pitoy Moreno when she was only 16. She became his favorite in a short span. She started her acting career afterward by working as a leading lady in the movie ‘Love Song’ in 1973. She also worked in Krimen: Kayo Ang Humatol in 1974 for which she received the award of the Best Supporting Actress.

She established her name in the action movie genre. She became the first choice of every director and producer for the leading lady role in action movies. She worked with a lot of stars like Fernando Poe, Jr., Dante Varona, Lito Lapid, Rey Malonzo, Phillip Salvador, Rudy Fernandez, Eddie Garcia, and so many more.

The films she acted in include Carding Estrabel : Tirador Ng Malabon, Kumander.45, Zigomar, Anak Ng Tondo, Delima Gang, Mayor Latigo, and a lot more.

She also made a lot of appearances on television. Her most famous character is Luisa which she performed in Gulong Ng Palad. It ended in 1985. It was a great love story of two characters, i.e. Luisa and Carding. It was being broadcasted on television through the Banahaw network. It ended in 1985.

Her last project was a television series, which was a remake of Panday that was initially released in 1984. It got aired in December 2005. She played the role of Flavio’s wife in it.

Personal Life 

Marianne Dela Riva is living a private and contended life.

As far as her relationship status is concerned, she initially got married to her co-star, Ronald Corveau, with whom she had two daughters. But it was a nightmare that she doesn’t even want to recall.

After that, she got married to her favorite person, Oscar Ortiz who is a doctor. She met him through her friend and later he became the reason for her happiness. They are living happily with the two daughters of Marianne They are now grandparents of beautiful kids with whom they spend a lot of time.

She has once admitted in an interview that she misses being a part of showbiz. But she also acknowledged that she couldn’t sacrifice the peaceful life she is living with her family to get back on screens.

Social Media

Marianne Dela Riva is not active on any social media platform. She is living a contented life in which she doesn’t want any interference or pressure from the media.


Marianne Dela Riva is a famous actress who always wanted to be a star and she proved she is one with her skills and hard work. Now she has turned into an amazing mother, wife, and grandmother. Her life is an example for a lot of young actresses. She has an estimated net worth of around $9 million.

Marianne Dela Riva has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Charlie Robinson, Richard Boone, Aparna, Suzanne Pleshette, Gill Hill, Mary Anne Fahey, Roxie Roker, Uriel del Toro, and Adamari Lopez.