Adamari Lopez Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Full Name, Bio

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Adamari Lopez is a Puerto Rican actress. She is known for appearing in Puerto Rican soap operas and for her television work including being the host of the morning show Hoy Dia, on Telemundo. Lopez is also a brand ambassador for WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers.

Adamari Lopez's Net Worth

As of 2024, Adamari Lopez's net worth is estimated to be $600,000.

Net Worth$600,000
Given NameAdamari Lopez Torres
Famous NameAdamari Lopez
Source(s) of FameActress
Date of BirthMay 18, 1971
Place of BirthHumacao, Puerto Rico
RelationshipsDivorced, Luis Fonsi, (June 3, 2006 - November 8, 2009)
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Early Life

Lopez grew up in Puerto Rico surrounded by family and friends who adore soap operas and she had intentions of pursuing an acting career from a young age. She became a TV star while still in school and had to put her acting job on hold to pursue a higher degree.

She later moved to Mexico and became a star there as well. A significant part of her acting career has been developed while appearing on Mexican soap operas.


Lopez started her career in a Telemundo production called Christina Bazan. She started alongside the renowned Puerto Rican actress Johanna Rosaly and the singer Jose Luis Rodriguez.

Lopez displayed a talent for acting from an early age and became a household name by the time she reached her teens. She received an offer from WAPA-TV to appear in a show called Yo se que menta, where she played the daughter of Iris Custom and Daniel Guerrero. She also appeared in Vivir Para Ti which came out in 1983, but later stopped appearing on TV shows in order to complete her education.

She joined the University of the Sacred Heart and graduated with a BA in communications. Following her time in school, Lopez went back to acting and featured as a regular performer at Teatro Tapia, inbox the most famous theaters in Puerto Rico.

Lopez moved to Mexico to try her luck in telenovelas after recommendations by TV producers there. While in Mexico, she appeared in popular shows and created a substantial fan following, making her a legitimate TV star.

Some of the most recognizable appearances include the shows Camilla, Amigas y Rivales, and a distinct performance in a show called Mujer: Casos de la Vida Real.

In 2004, Lopez appeared in the soap opera Mujer de Madera. While filming the show, Lopez’s father suffered a heart attack and had to be hospitalized. Lopez was allowed by the show’s producers to travel back to Puerto Rico to be with her family while her father underwent medical procedures. He recovered but only 5 percent of his heart was functional.

Personal Life

Lopez was married to the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi. The wedding was held on 3 June 2006 when the couple announced that they were ready to settle down together. On 8 November 2009, the couple released a joint statement announcing that they were getting separated.

The divorce was finalized on 8 November 2010. Lopez later met Toni Costa while filming the show Look Who’s Dancing and the two started dating. At some point she announced that she was having a child with Costa, who she described as her fiance.

On 4 March 2015, she gave birth to her daughter named Alaia. The couple celebrated 8 years together in 2019. On 27 may 2021, Lopez and her partner announced that they were parting ways.

Social Media

Lopez is active on social media and uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with fans. Fans can follow her on her official social media platforms to learn about her TV work including soap operas and theater.


Adamari Lopez is a Puerto Rican actress with a net worth of $600,000. She appeared in Puerto Rican soap operas starting in the 1980s and she later moved to Mexico where she appeared in numerous shows including the iconic soap operas Camilla and Amigas y Rivales. She lives in Puerto Rico with her family and appears as a TV host in a morning show on the Telemundo network.

Adamari Lopez has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Margaret Trudeau, Betty Lynn, Johnny Lee, Robert Wolders, Dave (Gruber) Allen, Erin Blunt, Moira Foot, Anne Horak Gallagher, and Simay Barlas.