Rosemarie Bowe Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Bio

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The famous actress Rosemarie Bowe took birth in a known city in the United States named ‘Butte’ on September 17, 1932. Her father’s name is ‘Dennis Bowe’ and her mother’s name is ‘Ruby Bowe’. Her father was a famous building contractor, and her mother was the best dress designer of her time. Both supported her well throughout her acting career. She is best known for her versatile acting roles in different films since the 1950s. Unfortunately, her successful career, along with her life, ended up in 2019.

Rosemarie Bowe's Net Worth

As of 2024, Rosemarie Bowe's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Net Worth$1.5 million
Famous NameRosemarie Bowe
Source(s) of FameActress, Model
Date of BirthSeptember 17, 1932
Place of BirthButte, United States of America
Age At Death86
Date of DeathJanuary 20, 2019
Cause of DeathAutomobile Accident
RelationshipsMarried, Robert Stack,

Early Life

Rosemarie was the youngest of her siblings. She grew up in her hometown Butte and worked as a model for different short programs in her teenage years. In 1950, she completed her graduation from ‘Stadium High School’ located in her own home city ‘Butte’. She continued dancing and theater work along with her studies. Just a year later, she was selected as one of the six finalists in a competition for the queen of ‘Home Show and Building exposition’ in Butte city. This achievement gave her more confidence in the work and the will to carry ahead.

Career Highlights

Rosemarie started her career in modeling. In 1950, she stepped into the Hollywood industry and appeared in several films portraying interesting roles. In 1952, she was hired for a 7 years film project with the known media face named ‘Charles K Feldman’. After that successful project, she successfully contracted with ‘Columbia Pictures’. Rosemarie got excellent dramatic acting skills from ‘Benno Schneider’. The very start of her career was as a singer and dancer in different amateur musicals.

There are a number of film projects where the star actress performed exponentially. In 1952, she acted as a model for the film titled ‘Lovely to Look at. The same year, she appeared as a swimmer in the film named ‘Million Dollar Mermaid’. In 1954, appeared as ‘Ayesha’ in the film named ‘The Adventures of Hajji Baba’ and the same year portrayed ‘Ann Dexter’ in another film named ‘The Golden Mistress’. In 1955, Rosemarie gave her outstanding performance as ‘Fritzie Darvel’ in the film named ‘The Big Bluff’.

In 1955, she acted as ‘Kit Robbins Garrick’ in the film named ‘The View from Pompey’s Head’, and as ‘Ann Davis’ in another short film named ‘The Pacemaker’. In 1959, she gave a minor appearance in the film John Paul Jones, which also got good ratings. Last but not least, the legendary actress portrayed ‘Tony’s Blonde Friend’ in the film named ‘all in a Night’s Work’ in 1961 and ‘Bar Petron’ in the film named ‘The Peking Medallion’ that was released in 1967.

Personal Life

Rosemarie married ‘Robert Stack’ in 1956 and took birth to two kids named ‘Elizabeth Stack’ and ‘Charles Stack’. Unluckily, her husband could not go so long with her and gave up his last breaths on January 20, 2019. So, their happy marital status was turned into a saddened story at that time. After him, Rosemarie took care of her kids alone.

Death Event

The primary reason for her death was an automobile accident. In October 1969, she faced a severe automobile accident in California’s Sacramento city and suffered immensely with serious internal injuries. She crashed into the concrete culvert as a result of the mechanical failure of the car she was driving. The disastrous incident took the lives of Rosemarie Bowe and Kathleen Lund, the wife of famous actor Art Lund immediately.

Social Media

As for the social media activity of the great actress is concerned, many media sources have revealed that she was not active on any of the social media neither accounts nor she had any official ones. Almost all of her income was based on the acting and modeling projects, which gave him more worth in her career.


History-making with a good note and thousands of achievements is really a tough task, but surely there are the ones who take it as a challenge and make their own. The name of Rosemarie Bowe is one of those creative faces who made her worth in all the fields of entertainment if it was dancing, singing, acting, or modeling. All credits made him achieve a net worth of more than a million during her active career.

Rosemarie Bowe has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as James Deen, Bimby Aquino Yap, Tanya Vidal, Lani O'Grady, Park Min Ji, Deon Stewardson, Aritra Dutta Banik, Mathew Waters, and Verónica Jaspeado.