Richard Long Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Full Name, Bio

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Richard Long was an American TV and film actor. Long was known for playing lead role on shows such as Nanny and the Professor, The Big Valley, and Bourbon Street Beat. He also featured heavily on the 1960s show 77 Sunset Street.

Richard Long's Net Worth

As of 2024, Richard Long's net worth is estimated to be $13 million.

Net Worth$13 million
Given NameRichard McCord Long
Famous NameRichard Long
Source(s) of FameActor
Date of BirthDecember 17, 1927
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Age At Death47
Date of DeathDecember 21, 1974
Cause of DeathHeart attack
RelationshipsDivorced, Suzan Ball, (1954 - 1955)Divorced, Mara Corday, (1957 - 1974)


Long was cast in his first film in 1946 titled Tomorrow Is Forever. In the film he plays the son of the main characters played by Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert. The film’s producers had been searching for months for the right actor to play the role of Drew, until Long came along and presented the right credentials for the role.

Following Long’s performance in Tomorrow Is Forever, he was cast by Orson Welles in his film The Stranger, released in 1946 by International Pictures. Long was under contract with International Pictures which merged with Universal Pictures in 1947, leading up to Long’s fourth film, The Egg and I.

Long agreed to a contract with Universal Pictures and starred in a film called Tap Roots in 1948, and Criss Cross (1949). He also featured in a supporting role in the 1949 film The Life of Riley, based on a popular NBC radio show.

Long played the role of Tom Kettle in a film called Ma and PA Kettle, which was a commercial success and led to three more films with him playing the lead role.

Long had a successful TV career with shows such as Bourbon Street Beat and The Big Valley. He also appeared in dozens of TV shows throughout his acting career.

Early Life

Long was born in Chicago, the fifth of six children by Sherman DeEston Long and Dorothy Dale Long. His father worked as a commercial artist and owned a studio in Chicago while his mother took care of the family. Long’s family lived in Evanston, Illinois, where he attended Waller High School before he transferred to Evanston Township High School.

In the 1940s, his family moved to California where heattended Hollywood High School. He has stated in old interviews that he had no plans to become an actor but he took a drama class in senior year in high school as a way to get extra credit.

While Long was in his senior year at Hollywood High School, he caught the attention of a talent scout from Universal Studios, which eventually led to TV offers. This served as the starting point of his acting career.

Personal Life

Long was drafted into the US military and served for two years in Fort Ord in California. This was during the Korean War, a time when fellow actors Clint Eastwood, David Janssen and Martin Milner were also drafted. Long was also briefly posted in Japan.

Long was married twice; first to the actress Suzan Ball, whom he married in April 1954. His first wife died of cancer just 14 months after they got married.

In 1957 he met and started dating the model Mara Corday, and the two got married in Las Vegas. Long had three children with Corday; Gregory, Valerie, and Carrie. In 1961, Long’s wife accused him of assault alleging that he got drunk and attacked her. Long was arrested and put in jail but his brother in law Marshall Thompson paid his bail and got him released. Following this incident, Long’s wife dropped the charges.

Long had suffered from pneumonia starting at a young age, and this was coupled with ongoing heart problem which led to a heart attack in 1961. He later died of heart complications in December 1974.


Richard Long died on December 21, 1974, at the age of 48 due to a heart attack.

Social Media

His estate doesn’t operate a social media platform on his behalf, however, there are plenty of online databases that highlight his career and list his projects including TV shows and films.


Richard Long was an American film and television actor with a net worth of $13 million. Long was known for starring in multiple TV shows on the NBC network. His most successful shows include The Big Valley, and Bourbon Street Beat.

Richard Long has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Donny Boaz, Emun Elliott, Jack DeLeon, Christopher Weeks, Mary Beth Rubens, Pat Conway, John Moulder-Brown, August Ames, Mark Lee, and Ha Joo-Hee.