Swapnil Bandodkar Net Worth (2024): Bio

Alex | Last Updated On April 21st, 2022

Swapnil Bandodkar is a Marathi singer from India. He is popular for his singing in Marathi films and television. He has a distinctive voice quality that has helped him win the hearts of millions of followers.

Swapnil Bandodkar's Net Worth

As of 2024, Swapnil Bandodkar's net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million.

Net Worth$1.4 million
Famous NameSwapnil Bandodkar
Source(s) of FameSinger
Place of BirthMaharashtra, India
RelationshipsMarried, Sampada Swapnil Bandodkar,
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Early Life

Swapnil Bandodkar was born on the 17th of May in Maharashtra which is the city of India.

He never talked about his parents or siblings, so we have no idea about his family background.

There is not even any information available on the internet regarding his qualification, so we don’t know whether he is highly educated or not.

His childhood passion was singing, so he started singing from an early stage in life. His voice was so magical and inspiring even when he was just a kid. He decided to follow his passion and pursue his career in singing.

Career Highlights

Swapnil Bandodkar started his career when he was a teenager. He has made several incredible performances on television and at various festivals. He is a Marathi singer, so most of the songs he sang are in the Marathi language. He has composed many title songs for Marathi serials.

His first album, along with Ajay Atul is ‘Bedhund’. Apart from his magical voice, he is also very popular for his style of performance. He has also been a Judge in a talent show called “Gaurav Maharashtracha”.

He was invited to many concerts and television shows as a guest. He has also won a lot of awards in his singing career. One of the awards he received is ‘The Best Singer Award’ for his solo song “PHULPAKHARU” from the movie Timepass.

His famous albums are as follows: Bedhund (2003), Tu Mujha Kinara (2004), Shani Dhun (Traditional) (2004), Neta Bheemavani Pahije (2005), Dut Charno Mein Laagi Lagan (2006), Jai Shri Krishna (2007), Sakhe Ga Sajane (2008), Manmoor (2009), Surya Namaskar (2010), Tula Pahile (2011), Swapnil Bandodkar hits (2012), Romanch (2013), Shiva (2014), Shree Krishna Stavanam (2016), Paaus Antari (2017), Velhala (2018), Tumi Tumi Tumi Tumi (2019), Vishwas (2020), Kasa Chandra (2020), Naav Mi Jodle (2021), Kadhi Tu Astes (2021), Sang Priye (2022). The latest album he released is Sounds of the Kashmir Files (2022).

He worked with many famous names including Bela Shende, Yuva, Ashwin Patil, and more. Recently, he did a live show in Baroda, tweeted by the Ashwin Patil. And also performed at a concert in Banglore on 18th March 2022.

Personal Life

Swapnil’s life revolves around music, he believes that music’s soul is its melody.

He is married happily. His wife’s name is Sampada Swapnil Bandodkar and they also have a daughter.

He loves traveling and exploring the world. He also has proper fitness goals which he tries to accomplish by hitting the gym regularly. He is obsessed with staying in perfect shape.

He has a simple lifestyle. He gets frank with people easily, so he is an extrovert with whom everyone enjoys working in the industry. He is also very polite and treats his co-workers and fans gently.

Social Media

Swapnil Bandodkar is not active on social media platforms. He might have personal accounts but he hasn’t yet created official and public Instagram or Twitter accounts to stay in touch with his fans.

However, he has 17.7 thousand subscribers on YouTube where he keeps sharing his albums and songs to keep his fans updated regarding his new music releases.


Swapnil Bandodkar is a Marathi Singer from Maharashtra. He has managed to get both fame and fortune because of his amazing singing skills. He has a special place in the hearts of people in India and other countries as well. He has a current net worth of $1.4 million.

Swapnil Bandodkar has sometimes been associated with other Singers such as Leela James, Ken Curtis, Proof, Adam Granduciel, Snow, Bob Lido, Damion Hall, Cecile Breccia, and Susan Oliver.