Reinout Oerlemans Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Bio

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Reinout Oerlemans is an Actor, film director, television presenter, and television producer entrepreneur who also founded the TV production company Eyeworks. He has made a name for himself in both television and film.

Reinout Oerlemans' Net Worth

As of 2024, Reinout Oerlemans' net worth is estimated to be $88 million.

Net Worth$88 million
Famous NameReinout Oerlemans
Source(s) of FameActor
Date of BirthJune 10, 1971
Place of BirthMill, Netherlands
RelationshipsMarried, Daniëlle Overgaag,

Early Life

Reinout Oerlemans was born on June 10, 1971, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His love for the entertainment industry started at a young age. When he was just four years old, he made his acting debut in a Dutch film. From there, he went on to star in several other Dutch films and television shows throughout his childhood and teenage years.

Career Highlights

In 1989, while Reinout Oerlemans was enrolled in law school, he was discovered and cast as a lead in the tv drama Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. After working for 6 years in the tv drama, he became one of the most successful actors in the Netherlands. He also hosted a number of variety shows like the first cycles of “American Idol” in the Netherlands, the successful show “Strictly Come Dancing”, and his own talk show “Pulse”.

In 2001, Reinout started his production company which he calls “Eyeworks” with a goal to make the company a major player in the worldwide entertainment industry. Eyeworks grew to 16 companies in Europe, Scandinavia, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States and it became one of the biggest production companies in the world.

Reinout is in the entertainment industry for 24 years. As of now, he is the chairman of 3Ball Entertainment (formerly called Eyeworks USA) which is based in Los Angeles, California.

In 2005, Reinout moved from RTL broadcasting company to TROS which is a public broadcasting association.

In 2009, he debuted as a director and worked with Hans de Weers in the film, Stricken, and in 2011 he brought the 3D movie to theatres: Nova Zembla.

Aside from being an actor and director, he also became a producer and produced the following films:

  • Pak van mijn hart (2014)
  • Wonderbroeders (2014)
  • The Dinner (2013)
  • Bros Before Hos (2013)
  • Daylight (2013)
  • Man in Pak (Short) (2012)
  • De Marathon (2012)
  • Jackie (2012)
  • New Kids Nitro (2011)
  • The Happy Housewife (2010)
  • Stricken (2009)
  • Happy End (2009)
  • Duska (2007)
  • MissiePoo16 (Short) (2007)

Personal Life

Reinout Oerlemans is married to the road cyclist Daniëlle Overgaag. They now have two children together namely Thijmen James Oerlemans and Fiene Joan Oerlemans. During Reinout’s free time, he enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and golf.

Social Media

Reinout Oerlemans doesn’t have any verified social media accounts but there are fan pages dedicated to him on both Instagram and Twitter.


Reinout Oerlemans is a successful Dutch actor, film director, television presenter, and television producer entrepreneur who has a net worth of $88 million. He is best known for his work in the entertainment industry and for founding the TV production company Eyeworks.

Reinout Oerlemans has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Edu Manzano, Phillipa Soo, Kira Kosarin, Rosemarie Bowe, James Deen, Bimby Aquino Yap, Tanya Vidal, Lani O'Grady, and Park Min Ji.