Chuck Traynor Net Worth (2024): Height, Age At Death, Cause Of Death, Real Name, Bio

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Chuck Traynor was an American actor and a production manager. He was married thrice in his life. He died due to a heart attack at the age of 64.

Chuck Traynor's Net Worth

As of 2024, Chuck Traynor's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Given NameCharles Everett Traynor
Famous NameChuck Traynor
Source(s) of FameActor, Manager
Date of BirthAugust 21, 1937
Place of BirthMount Vernon, New York, USA
Age At Death64
Date of DeathJuly 22, 2002
Cause of DeathHeart Attack
RelationshipsDivorced, Linda Lovelace, (1971 - 1974)Divorced, Marilyn Chambers, (1974 - 1985)Married, Crissa Bozlee,

Early Life

Charles Everett Traynor, also known as Chuck Traynor was born in Mount Vernon, New York, USA on August 21, 1937. He possessed an American nationality. His star sign was Leo, following his death of birth.

Any evidence regarding his family and academic background is unknown till now. He never talked about it openly, maybe because he wanted to keep it hidden from the public.

Career Highlights

As an actor, he worked in a number of movies including Odd Triangle (1968), Desire Under the Palms (1968), Karla (1969), The Layout (1969), Capone (1975), and some others.

Traylor worked as a production manager in the pornographic movie, Deep Throat which was written and directed by Gerard Damiano. The main lead heroine of this film was his wife Linda Lovelace. This film was released in 1972.

He has worked with many famous celebrities including Ben Gazzara, Susan Blakely, Harry Guardino, Sylvester Stallone, John Cassavetes, Frank Campanella, Suzan Thomas, Betty Whitman, Rene Howard, Barbara Lance, Charlotte Brody, Orando Childs, Steve Hawkes and numerous more.

Personal Life

Chuck Traylor was married to Linda Lovelace in 1971. She appeared in the film Deep throat which featured the story of a frustrated girl who enjoys a sexual awakening. This film made an impression that Linda is a sexually liberated girl who loves sex. This film was a massive hit at that time.

Linda’s autobiography, Ordeal revealed that her life is not what people are seeing. They saw her as a sexually liberated girl but it was nothing more than rape and abuse by his so-called husband, Chuck Traylor. She alleged that Traylor forcefully used her for his own financial successes. He forced her to do pornographic movies. Many critics didn’t believe her allegations and said that she was looking happy and she seemed to enjoy it.

A movie named Lovelace was made in her name which featured her life and the struggles she faced while living with her wildly abusive husband. In an interview, Lovelace claimed that her parents didn’t support her during this traumatic situation. She also said that her husband has beaten her several times and forced her to make pornography. On the set of Deep Throat, he was threatening her with a gun that if she wouldn’t do it, he would kill her. She tried to escape several times before she was successful. Lovelace also claimed that Chuck hadn’t paid a single penny for the work she had done in the movie. After her divorce from Chuck, she married Larry Marchiano.

Chuck married Marilyn Chambers in 1974. Due to unknown reasons, the couple broke up their marriage in 1985. After this, Chuck Traylor married Crissa Bozlee. The date of their marriage is unknown now. However, they stayed married till 2002, until the death of Chuck.


Chuck Traylor left this world on July 22, 2002, in Chatsworth, California at the age of 64. He died due to a heart attack. His place of burial was never mentioned by his wife or relatives.

Social Media

Chuck Traylor was not available on any social media platform. There isn’t any website or official account made in his name. As he belongs to an older generation, it might be the reason behind his lack of presence and interest in social media.


Chuck Traylor was an American actor and a production manager. The movie Deep Throat was his most famous work as a production manager. He died due to a heart attack. His net worth was calculated to be around 5 million dollars before the time of his death.

Chuck Traynor has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Sébastien Huberdeau, Suzanne Ridgeway, Suzy Marquette or Susan Ridgway, Im Se-mi, Kwon Hwa-woon, Lane Bradbury, Anwar Ali, Jay Manalo, Ricky He, and Ken Curtis.