Sébastien Huberdeau Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On April 21st, 2022

Sébastien Huberdeau is a charming and elegant Canadian actor. He has been performing in this industry for several years. Sébastien has worked in various movies and television serials including Polytechnique (2009).

Sébastien Huberdeau's Net Worth

As of 2024, Sébastien Huberdeau's net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Net Worth$3 million
Famous NameSébastien Huberdeau
Source(s) of FameActor
Date of BirthNovember 30, 1979
Place of BirthMontreal, Quebec, Canada
RelationshipsSingle, ,

Early Life

Sébastien Huberdeau was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1979. He has never talked about his parents, siblings, or any other family member.

We don’t have much information regarding his school life. As he was interested in politics, he studied political science as a major at University. The information regarding his childhood memories or events is missing from the internet, so we don’t know what kind of life he spent as a kid.

Career Highlights

He has worked in several movies and television serials. His massive work from television include Gypsies (2000), Tag (2000), Willie (2000), Le monde de Charlotte (2001-2003), Harmonium (2003), Dangerous Liaisons (2003), Un monde à part (2004), Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin (2006), La job (2006), Nos étés (2006-2007), Tu m’aimes-tu? (2012), La théorie du K.O. (2015), Mon ex à moi (2015-2016), Ça décolle! (2016), Sur-Vi (2017), Ruptures (2017), Clash (2018), Letterkenny (2017-2019), Patrick Senécal présente (2021), District 31 (2021-2022), and numerous more.

He has appeared in a huge number of films including Memories Unlocked (1999), L’île de sable (1999), Yellowknife (2002), The Barbarian Invasions (2003), Battle of the Brave (2004), Le dernier tunnel (2004), Histoire de Famille (2006), The Beautiful Beast (2006), Father and Guns (2009), Polytechnique (2009), Thelma, Louise et Chantal (2010), Le poil de la bête (2010), Tromper le silence (2010), Angle mort (2011), P=wp L’Énergie Sombre (2015), Iqaluit (2016), Crisis (2021), and countless more.

He has also appeared in various short dramas including 2e touché (2009), L’anniversaire (2010), Nature morte (2010), A Son (2011), Saint-Belmont (2011), Jukebox Motel (2012), Justin & Julie (2013), On vit une époque formidable (2014), Fondue Chinoise (2015), Coeur de pomme (2015), Puisqu’il le faut (2015), Cauchemar capitonné (2016), Cochonneries (2018), and many others.

He won several awards due to his outstanding performance including the Best Actor award at X World Short Film Festival (2019), and again the best actor award at Gémeaux Awards (2015). He also got nominated for Jutra Awards (2000), Vancouver Film Critics Circle (2010), and Gémeaux Awards (2017).

He has worked with lots of famous celebrities including Rémy Girard, Stéphane Rousseau, Marina Hands, Maxim Gaudette, Martin Watier, Karine Vanasse, Gary Oldman, Evangeline Lilly, Greg Kinnear, Luke Evans, Mylène Mackay, Steve Laplante, Hugo Giroux, Ludivine Reding, Kalinka Petrie, Alex Godbout, Michael Aronov, Mia Kirshner, and infinitely more.

Personal Life

Any data regarding the personal life of Sébastien Huberdeau is not revealed yet. There isn’t any information available regarding his marital status. It can be assumed that he is neither in a relationship nor is he dating anyone.

Sébastien is quite interested in extreme sports like parachuting and fencing. He is also seen practicing fencing.

Social Media

Sébastien Huberdeau is not available on any social media platform. He hasn’t created any social media accounts till now. There are not even many fan pages made in his name on Instagram and Twitter. It is evident that he feels hesitant to share his personal life events with the public. That’s why he hasn’t created any official social media accounts. It is also possible that he doesn’t want his career to be dependent on social media to grow like other celebrities these days.


Sébastien Huberdeau is an amazing actor in Canada. His acting skills are just incredible which makes everyone go ‘wow’. He has earned a good reputation throughout his journey. His net worth is computed to be around 3 million dollars.

Sébastien Huberdeau has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Suzanne Ridgeway, Suzy Marquette or Susan Ridgway, Im Se-mi, Kwon Hwa-woon, Lane Bradbury, Anwar Ali, Jay Manalo, Ricky He, Ken Curtis, and Proof.