Ricky He Net Worth (2024): Height, Age, Bio

Alex | Last Updated On April 19th, 2022

The famous Canadian actor, better known by the family name ‘Ricky He’ took birth in Vancouver city of British Columbia after his parents emigrated from China in the early 1990s.

His appearance as ‘Adam’ in a known musical television film named ‘Freaky Friday’ became much more popular in 2018, and it got released on ‘Disney Channel’. The young actor has been just amazing with all the roles he got offered, that’s what makes him listed as one of the successful celebrities.

Ricky He's Net Worth

As of 2024, Ricky He's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Net Worth$5 million
Famous NameRicky He
Source(s) of FameActor
Date of BirthDecember 2, 1995
Place of BirthVancouver, British Columbia
RelationshipsSingle, ,

Early Life

Ricky was really inspired by acting just from his childhood. He always wanted to appear like other television stars, and he strived hard to realize that dream once. In this regard, Ricky joined a drama program in high school and enrolled at ‘The University of British Columbia’ after his graduation.

Ricky studied psychology at the University of British Columbia and joined the acting field after completing his education there for about three years.

Career Highlights

A huge number of film projects, awards, and nominations are honored by the commendable performance of Ricky He. In an interview with ‘John Legend’s concert’, he realized his actual interest in acting, singing, and dealing with other film and drama projects. There are numerous film projects that are showing up the key performance of Ricky He.

In 2016, he appeared in multiple television series and films. Ricky He also successfully dealt with some big projects in the year 2017. Some of which include; ‘A Gift to remember where he acted as ‘Josh’, ‘The Magicians’ where he acted as ‘First Year Student’, and ‘Christmas Solo’, etc.

A year later, the star actor amazingly dealt with some other film projects like; ‘Blurt’, Beyond, Orderly #2′, Trial and Terror, and ‘Freaky Friday’, etc. Some other film projects of Ricky He that got completed in 2018. All film projects ended up on good notes and with great success.

Besides these, Ricky He has been nominated two times in different awards ceremonies. For the first time, in Leo Awards for the category of ‘Best Supporting performance by a male’ for his work in ‘Christmas Solo’ in 2018. In 2019, he was again nominated for the ‘Best Guest Performance in different dramatic serials’ category, nominating his masterpiece in the film, named ‘The Good Doctor.

Personal Life

Facts and Figures cannot update the young actor’s personal life history. However, some have clearly declared that Ricky He is currently single and living a happy life with his family and friends, and focusing merely on his upcoming acting projects.

Social Media

Ricky He is not an active person on different social media platforms. That’s why most essential details about his personal life are still undercover. However, the popular young man has got good fame in acting and doesn’t need to rely upon social media for further success, earnings, or branding.


The most popular and successful young actor Ricky He, gave his best performances in many different ways. He took advantage of all the opportunities he got and that is why, his outstanding acting projects have made him capable enough to enjoy a net worth of about $5 million even at this little age. However, more future endeavors are on the way to creating the success story of the great man.

Ricky He has sometimes been associated with other Actors such as Ken Curtis, Proof, Adam Granduciel, Snow, Bob Lido, Damion Hall, Cecile Breccia, Susan Oliver, and Ed Sanders or Eddy Atlantis.